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warning! danger! contest!

I guess I'll be playing with this thing all day. And being that it's Saturday and I don't feel like coming up with actual content, I'll have a contest.

[You need Adobe Acrobat to participate, but don't most computers have that, anyhow? Besides, it's free]

Go the St. Claire Safety Sign Builder, where I made the above sign, and make your own. I'm anxious to see what kind of sick things you people can come up with.

Prizes to the funniest and to the most depraved sign, which sometimes are the same thing, no? Leave your results in the comments or post to your own site and leave the link.

I'm going Mother's Day shopping. For myself. Because I deserve it.

[link via Dave Barry]


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Here you go:


I wish I'd had more time to think about it, but there's yard work to be done. Here's the best I could come up with for now.

Okay, I think dave wins.

Oh, man. I made a Kennedy sign and THEN checked the comments.


Mines here. Not super funny, but it occured to me while watching my son doing on of his, uh, favorite activities.

I added 2 more. (you DID say sick and depraved, right michele?)

I just added another.

Mine are pretty weak.

Here's number one, and number two

ok, i'm in.

Blogger Blows.

Added one more

Okay, I'm stopping now! This is addictive...

The last two!



Help me! I cant stop adding one more!

I was in a comic book store last night, and...


My turn.

(If this doesn't load for you, someone please email me and let me know.)


Curse you and the time-sucking-toy-finding broom you rode in on!

Signs and Portents

Here's mine: quite silly, but definitely fun!

OK, I'm in for some of this action.


Thought I'd give it a shot... here you go

Four entires here.

Here are a few of mine. Nothing all too funny or original, mind you.


I think it works if you click on my name although you may have to scroll down a bit.

I am new to this and have no clue how to access your nifty orange alert hyperlink science.

Am I the only one who gets "Error: File does not begin with '%PDF-'" ?

This one's pretty decent, IMHO.


Added two more there, but I think the first one is the best.

My entries are here.

Good God, I've added 2 more. I'm freakin' outta control, man!

Here's mine

I can't make anymore until finals are over, but I'm sure I'll end up blowing off studying to do this.

Couldn't resist. Hope this works...

I added three more here. (The previous five linked to above are now inline gifs, but the content hasn't changed.)

Here's my entry

OK, I got nothin'

here ya go

I finally got the ones posted I did on Saturday. Here they are.

I got an error: "File does not begin with '%PDF-'."


here's my meager entry.


My Entry

& it would also fit at the "Protest Signs You Won't See From the Far Left Anti-War Crowd" contest

Not for contest, but for indication.

Adapted from Watzlawick

you people are sick sick sick, I have serious work to do, and this thing is to damn fun


Here's my !entry

Okay, the links don't work to their page - it just takes you to the home page, not the sign.

Here's Mine!

Here ya go.


Couldn't resist - I Did another one.


Here is my creation. Piense = Think.

I have a few more posted now.

A quick one here


just finished 6 before i ran out of ideas.
i'm pretty much sure i can turn this into a daily activity, tho!!!


Ok. How is this one?

Click Here!

Someone needs to collect all of these and put 'em up where they can be viewed - and voted on en masse!


How 'bout this?

Here's six. Damn Internet widgets, always wasting my time . . .

Here's my Contribution
Warning: May Cause Anal Leakage.

Gee, remember the fun we had with President Bubba?

Let's try that again.

a few more

Added a couple on my blog:

Coming in late, but I couldn't resist joining the fun. (And daayyyaam, you other posters are good!)

Five signs