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high spirits

We watched it in Japanese, with English subtitles. I hate dubbing.

What a beautiful movie. It was every story I made up in my head as a child wrapped into one charming tale. Everything I wanted to experience - magic, dragons, evil henchmen, spirits, worlds where anything could happen at anytime - was present.

I love mystical adventures and fantasy tales. I like to be lifted out of this world and into another, to witness all the things that I thought could really happen when I was six or seven.

Spirited Away had all of that. I think we are going to watch it again. Right now.


I agree completely. We had seen Princess Mononoke, but it was a bit heavy. Spirited away is just gorgeous fantasy fun, with a very touching little heroine. She doesn't see obstacles, she just does what she has too.

Cool. If you say it's good then it must be. I think I'll use one of my free rentals tomorrow. I have been saving them up for something good. Thanks . :)

Yes, that is a great anime movie.

"Spirited Away" is actually a perfect example of how to dub a movie properly.

Not that there's anything wrong with subtitles. I like the subtitled version quite a bit. And I refuse to watch "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" with dubbing. Sucks ass. The original is the only way to go.

But give the dubbed "Spirited Away" a chance. It's excellent.

A friend of mine came by my blog and saw this movie on my wishlist and got it for me...I'm hoping to watch it tomorrow after work. Your review is appreciated. :D

I SO want to learn how to speak/read Japanese...

Every movie by Miyazaki is worth seeing. They are all depthful, artfully done, well written ... everything that Hollywood so often isn't these days.

Speaking of good Hollywood, though, we saw "A Mighty Wind" tonight. This movie is the "Spinal Tap" of bad 60's folk music, done by the same folks that did "Spinal Tap." It's awesomely funny - everyone run out right now and see it. K?

Does Miyazaki not r0xx0r your s0xx0rs?? _ Spirited Away, Laputa, Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Nausicaa (the real one, not the reprehensible "Warriors of the Wind" hackjob), and lesser-known Ghibli productions like Porco Rosso, Whisper of the Heart, Now and Then Here and There, the World Masterpiece series - though some of this stuff is more Takahata than Miyazaki... Ok, I'll shut up now. _ _

Ngnat saw Spirited Away with me in the theatre. She sucked her thumb and didn't move the entire time

But she won't watch it on dvd. The memory is too scary.

Totoro and Kiki she loves.

The dubbed version is very good except:
1. They stuck in some extra battle of the sexes comment - where people are being respectful in Japanese, they're snubbing each other in English - a perfect commentary on I think, but I better shut up because no one will agree with me on that. I get the feeling the English dub was translated by Disney.

2. They messed the the climax scene at the end and completely destroyed it's logic. In the dub, San is offered to win without the challenge but chooses to anyway just to show how macho she is. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. And she risked her parents and future for her ego?

In the Japanese version, they give the scene a dream logic by saying that even the Witch has no choice, there has to be a challenge - this at least allows the characters to make psychological sense.

Just so you know, two other Miyazaki films were released on DVD the same day as "Spirited Away" -- "Kiki's Delivery Service" and "Castle in the Sky". You can buy all three movies as a set from Amazon.

Two other films of his, "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Castle of Cagliostro", are already out on DVD as well. "My Neighbor Totoro" is quite possibly the best children's movie ever made.

This isnt on the topic, but I just had to congratulate you on nearly 400,000 hits in just over 6 months, A couple thousand hits a day is something to be quite proud of.

Thanks, Vickie.

My Neighbor Tortoro has been a favorite of my kids since we discovered by accident at our library many years ago. I think it was their first anime movie.

Re: the dub -- not how macho she is, but how honorable she is. A deal's a deal, after all.

And Yubaba did keep saying, even in the dub, that a deal was a deal and she had to do the test. Boh was the one who kept demanding that Yubaba find another way, until Chihiro let Yubaba off the hook by not protesting the test.