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after these messages...

The usual Friday night blogging and posting of MP3s will have to wait. I'm about to be Spirited Away.


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have fun! we've watched it 3 times since buying it last weekend :) and I didn't know if the little guy would like it or not lol

Hooray for Miazaki!

"Spirited Away" is one of the best movies I've ever seen. Amazing alternate world.

And hard on some of the little ones. Something about big spidery black monsters devouring people, I thnk. Though the guy with multiple arms doesn't help much either.

Crap. I misspelled his name. It's "Myazaki".

Great movie, I've seen it twice. Once during spring break and I fell asleep and only caught the beginning 30 minutes and last 5. And then again this week when I saw the entire thing. I might consider buying it... but not until Disney stops being evil.

Fuck, why the hell, at the age of 23, am i becoming highly excited and obsessed at the prospect of buying a skateboard?

This is probably the build-up to the bizarre accident that conclusively finishes me off, man...