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But what about the babies??

Oops. False alarm.

American investigators in Iraq have found safely locked in vaults almost 40,000 manuscripts and 700 artefacts previously believed to have been looted from the National Museum in Baghdad.

The items include a clay pot from 5000 BC, an inscribed cornerstone from King Nebuchadnezzar’s 7th-century BC Babylon palace and hundreds of pieces of ancient jewelery, pottery and sarcophaguses.

US officials said that many items originally thought to have been looted were placed in hidden vaults, discovered inside the museum this week, for protection before the war began. Other items were returned once agents talked of amnesty and potential rewards.

What's that I hear? Is that an apology? A retraction?

No, just crickets chirping.

The clay pots and sarcophaguses are safe and sound. And no babies died in the process! Don't you feel good, now?


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Now what will the loony left find to Babylon about?

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Don't dare ask for an apology or a retraction. It results in a flame war when you tell a liberal they were wrong:


Fuck 'em. They were wrong. They'll never admit it but we know.

Now if there was just some way we could keep them from breeding...

Ah... the peaceful sounds of crickets chirping in the night.





Seki, easy. Just tell 'em Bush and Blair are launching a new campaign to help more people get laid. They'll probably abstain as a protest.

Come on! Haven't you seen the (ahem) wimmen at those protests and such? In the words of a good friend, "not with your dick on a ten foot pole." The problem is self-correcting.