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mom, can i borrow your feces?

Ah, parental permissiveness.

See, itís not just the schools to blame. Itís the parents as well.

I ask you, what kind of parent would help their daughter collect feces to throw at other girls?

Mom, we have the annual hazing tonight and I need a favor.
What do you need dear..money? Something to wear?
No, I just need a couple of kegs of beer and some shit to fling at the girls.
Oh, thatís fine honey. I can get you some pig intestines too, if you want.
And minnows?
Sure honey, I want your hazing to be the best one ever!
I love you, mom, youíre the best.
Anything for my Heather!

My parents wouldnít even give me shaving cream on Halloween.

Iím just about ready to buy an island and form my own kingdom. This place is out of control.


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First! Sorry. _

I know I mentioned getting more involved in kids' lives in a previous topic, but this is just sick. This country really is going backwards.

Can I come live on your island? I'll go topless if required.

I hate to sound like a wild-eyed social conservative or granpa simpson, but this suburban middle-clss permissive parenting crap has to stop.

We shouldn't want to be "friends" with our kids; we're their parents. We gotta say no and crack the whip sometime, not enable their stupidity. They're kids; hell, I considered myself a mature teen but looking back I didn't shit about anything in life until i was in my late 20's .

I knew this permissive parenting stuff would be trouble years ago. Now we're seeing the fruits of their labor (or lack thereof).

Btw, do you need any cabana boys on that island?

Sigh... I'm coming with you, liquor in one hand, vibrator in the other.

Every last one of those seniors should be expelled and should spend time in juvenile hall. A LOT of time. Anyone who voluntarily participates in that kind of sadistic shit shouldn't be on the streets, period.

Hazing always sounded like a bad idea. Now it's gotten totally out of hand. Parents support this?

The arrests and lawsuits that come from this might stop this 'tradition'

Sounds like those morning djs that got into a tussle with the FCC.

I see this issue as a sort of dichotomy. One generation of parents is too strict, which leads to the next generation being too permissive, which leads...

We've been in an overly permissive stage for some time now, and it is getting very tiresome. Being a parent means you HAVE the responsibility of being in charge until your child reaches adulthood, whether you like it or not. It doesn't mean you can't express love to your kids, or that you have to be an inflexible authoritarian, or that you can't become pals AFTER they're grown. It just means that while they're in the process of growing up, it's your responsibility to set and enforce a basic set of rules.

One would think that not flinging excrement would be an implicit rule understood by just about any child or parent above the age of two...

OK Michele, I've decided you're right. Sign me up for the island and let's get the hell out of here before any more shite-throwing commences.

Now, I'm probably in the minority here, but I remember from past HS yearbooks about this hazing ritual back in the 70s, and it was at teh HS and fully supervised. No feces were used or buckets. The Seniors did it to the Freshman as a sort fo initaition, and they ahd other practices that would be seen as hazing.

The main problems I see here is what was used. I find no problem with mud, foodstuffs, eggs, but bodily wastes shoudl be a no go. Afterall, only corn syrup was used on Carrie. I don't have a big problem with the hazing itself, though this is not something the parents shoudl know about. In some wasy we ahve become too sensitive a society, too civilized, and with being civilized and sensitive comes decadence. Maybe some barbaric hazings need to return along with insensitivity. The Darwin awards are a good thing as it hacks away at our hyper-sensitivity.

I say that the ritual needs a little refinement, but I don't see a big problem.

I live in the area.

Unlike my own humble 'burb, the kids at this high school are from pretty wealthy 'burbs. Indulgent parents. Oh yeah. A couple of years ago, the management of Ravinia Park (where the Chicago Symphony plays in the summer) had to stop letting one of the other local high schools use the Park for graduation because of the damage. And the parents were outraged, at the Park.

When my daughter goes into HS, I think I'm going to find a nice retired SEAL to follow her around.

The problem with hazing is that once it gets started, there's a constant pressure to keep going over the top. And in today's world, it's not very easy to get over the top. Too many people have been killed or permanently injured in hazing incidents for me to agree that it's just harmless fun.

In this particular case, there appears to have been a fair amount of physical violence in addition to the feces and various other confections.

My parents gave me feces, but not for throwing. Just for playing.

We were kinda poor.

At the end of senior year in HS, our counselor said we could use the final $200 odd bucks in the senior account for a graduation party, but he would only sign the check over to a parent.

Enter my dad. 2 hours later my dad exits the exchange with 26 cases of beer, one for each senior. It was a hell of a party :)

I should note that I went to HS on a remote military base where the base commander officially suspended curfew for us that night, and the MP's came by the party to congradulate us, and have a beer if they were off duty.

This was 1985, that stuff probably wouldn't fly today.

Yea, but I bet he didn't let you spend the change on feces!

Actually, if you took away the feces from the event, it would be a reality version of the recent beer commercials of fighting women.

Our "hazing" consisted of attending an all girl ceremony, at the school, in the auditorium, where the seniors sang the school song, then passed us roses, as a welcoming token.

We thought it was kinda hokey, but gee willickers Batman, the apocolypse is surely upon us.

That's just the way we roll here in the IL.

Boo Yaa!

"My parents gave me feces, but not for throwing. Just for playing.

We were kinda poor."

Yours gave you feces? I had to make my own.... uphill... both ways...

our culture rewards decadence and bad behavior. These girls may receive some cursory punishment, but will get book deals or a movie of the week. Just wait and see