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tonight's ponderance

Are you pondering what I'm pondering, Pinky?
Yes, but I don't think Matt Pinfield will be happy, Brain.

As usual, I'd like to leave you with something to ponder and comment on for the evening. I'm too lazy to make a poll right now, so we'll just have to do this the old fashioned way.

Headbanger's Ball is back. I, for one, am estatic. As long as they don't bring back that asswipe Ricky Ratchman from the first time. And as long as they don't define metal as "anything with a heavy guitar in the top 40" which would leave an hour of Linkin Park videos.

Anyhow, the question is this: Glaringly obvious mistake of not hiring me as the host aside, if Headbangers Ball was hosted by a blogger, which blogger would it be? Oh, you can still give the answer as me if you wish. I'll send them my resume. Hey, I still listen to Slayer! Stop laughing at me like that.


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The Reverse Cowgirl should be your sidekick.Treacher and Parrot doing remotes.

It would have to be you, no one else compares

All right! Just in time for my one month of free cable that Brighthouse is installing next Monday. :D

I so hope they play Winger.

I'm sending in my resume to host Headbangers Ball. I never missed a single episode, and Ricky's hair had nothing on me. I was listening to the Scorpions today and missing my youth. sniff

You. Only you.

Never really got into Slayer (although my buddy Stumpjumper has a lot to say about them). I was more a Corrosion of Conformity, Megadeth, and Metallica kind of guy.

As long as they never play the Worst Metal Video of All Time, Queensryche's "Queen of the Reich," it could be a good thing.
(Not that I'm down on Queensryche--Operation Mindcrime was an amazing album.)

What about Ken Layne? Isn't he Satan or something? Satan and Metal...two great tastes that go great together!

the last time i saw Ricky Rachtman was... at a porn convention. he was with Janine.

dude, i could totally host Headbanger's Ball. i'm in touch with my inner hair band, even though i currently shave my head.

wait, i wouldn't have to play Creed, would i?

ME! So that I can tell all those neu-metal bands and all the people keeping them in business to SUCK MY ASS!! Think MTV'd go for it? _

Mike at Cold Fury. Hands down.

I agree Keith. I was going to write that before you even put it up.

James at http://famousjames.com
He is the King of 80's metal you know...

oh, sure, Headbanger's ball is back


How long do you think it'll be before it's dominated by that metal/rap crossover stuff?

'Cos from that point its two weeks away from becoming MTVjams--and three from either folding, or trotting out the pixellated reality shows.....

And now,


The true story of seven strangers, picked to live in a barn and generate all those pictures you keep getting spammed about

This is about what it's like when people stop being polite and start having sex with livestock.


I bet half the people who will tune in have never even heard of Voivod, Celtic Frost or the Lamour in Brooklyn.

And fuck Ricky Ratchman. That little bastard was too busy planting his lips on Dave Mustaine's ass to know what he was doing (even though Dave treated him like shit).

I'll host that thing and make sure that we burn any copies of Warrant videos that are still available. Can you believe a Jacknsonville classic rock station actually played 'Cherry Pie' the other day? I nearly ran off the road.

Actually, yes I can believe that a Jacksonville station played "Cherry Pie."

Oh hell yeah. I'm glad they are brining it back. breaks out his old SOD tape ;)

Hey, the "Cherry Pie" video is actually kind of mildly amusing...and wowzers, what a babe!
BTW, I thought of another "must never be shown" metal video...Judas Priest's "Breaking the Law."

Hey, the "Cherry Pie" video is actually kind of mildly amusing...and wowzers, what a babe!
BTW, I thought of another "must never be shown" metal video...Judas Priest's "Breaking the Law."

the "chick" in the cherry pie video was Bobbi Brown (of Star Search fame), who was married to the lead singer at the time. yanno what? she's still hot...

I'd nominate Greg from My Life As A Fisher

I used to think Rachtman was a twit, too.. then i read this Rikki interview. He ain't so bad.