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hey kids, it's riddle time!


Q: What starts with a C, ends in a T and rhymes with runt?

A: Madonna!

Gold star for everyone who got it right!


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the sad truth is: this is probably a thinly-veiled attempt to ride a neo-post-dixie chicks bandwagon in order to boost sales of what is already being deemed a "shitty record."

man, that sucks even more, if ya think about it.

actually, the record's not THAT bad.

(and i'm not just saying that because i'm, well, you know.)

As she thanked the French for opposing conflict in Iraq, she told fans: "Here in France I feel at home."

Good, then stay there. In protest the little twit should refuse to accept revenues from record sales in the US.

What? No? I guess principals are great until they start to affect the bottom line, eh MaDogNuts.

And I thought you were going to use that word for it's positive meaning...

God, she's an annoying publicity whore. I agree with Doc. Good record or not, the sales tanked after the first week, and she probably thinks this will get her a bump.

Whatever. The best thing to do with her would be to ignore her. As an entertainer, she's already edging closer to irrelevance. Let's just give her a shove right off that cliff.

I missed the memo where her opinion actually counted post-Blonde Ambition Tour. And I'm not really sure it counted then.

If she feels at home there, why doesn't she move there? The Mothership is calling her home...

I agree with Sherard, she should just stay there. I mean really, she can't do much more than make herself a media event; that's how she sells records 'cause it ain't on the sound.

Careful. If we don't pay enough attention to her now, she might cover her children with veils and dangle them off balconies.

With luck Michael Jackson will dangle Madonna off a balcony ... and drop her.

Two birds with one stone ...

The new Madge record is truly awful. That horrid squeeky voiced "rap" in American Life that goes "Can you take my extreme point of view?/ I'm not a Christian and I'm not a Jew"

Err? What is so "extreme" about that? Its just insulting to people like me who wouldn't give a toss if she came out in a burqa. And if they world didn't care when she waved her greasy muff at us in '92, why would we care if she's a Christian or a Jew...mmm I almost have a flow there.

And "I live the American dream"? The American dream is to have no personality or talent and to live in a English boghole whilst hanging out with Eurotrash?


Am I alone in thinking that Madonna increasingly sounds and looks like Jerri Blank from Strangers with Candy? 45 year old adolescent woman in puffy combat pants...

Mchele - Well, you finally made me do it. Shoot coffee out of my nose and order a new keyboard. Thanks darlin'. All in all, a great way to start the day. Thanks.


And now the French have cooties.

For people who, like me, don't think Madonna's views matter, you seem to be quite pissed off about them.

You jingoistc, narrow-minded, bigoted conquer-monkeys.

Hello. .. . .. . .. I'm Thai. I want some news
friends. !!!!

My god, people... to be so offended and put off by a single woman... she's getting your goat just like she wanted to.

"Erotica" and "Sex" were created to blazen her name across the media, and she did it quite well. Whether you loved her or hated her for it, it made her name stick in your head... and evidently, its impression has lasted on you for more than a decade.

It's publicity, people... and she's the queen.