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help wanted

The Command-Post is looking for a few good men and women. We will be adding a new feature shortly called Post Exchange.

Post Exchange will serve to facilitate commentary and discussion from both sides of a current issue.

The participants, as well as the issue, will change from week to week.

Each writer will have two shots at the topic, in a point-counterpoint fashion. After the four posts are made to the Exchange, we will open up the comment section to the public for further discussion on the issue.

The Post Exchange will offer ideas and commentary from the greatest thinkers in online journalism.

Greatest thinkers? Arenít you one of them? If you are and you feel you have what it takes to be part of Post Exchange, please send an email to michele@command-post.org.

Please list your name, website if you have one, any writing experience you have (not necessary for inclusion), hot topics in world news that interest you (see Command Post for issues we cover on a daily basis) and what side of those issues you would cover.


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That sounds like a pretty mammoth task... I'd sign up if you told me to.