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I really fucking hate the song Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

Why must every song I ever hated be dragged out of the dustbin and into commercials?

What have I done to deserve this? And where the hell is the remote?


Heh..we must be on the same channel. I just heard it too.

I don't know which is worse...hearing an AWFUL song like that one remade for a commercial (to quote Butt Head, "You can't polish a turd, Beavis"), or hearing a really good classic song get totally fucked up in a commercial remake. For example, whoever that is that totally destroyed "Homeward Bound" for a commercial should be shot, rescussitated, and shot again.

It might have been Paul Simon, I heard he didn't like some of those early songs anymore.
I better not make any CD's for Michele she really hates some of the music I still like.

The commercial that drives me insane is the new pepsi one with beyonce (?) singing like the opera carmen. I want to put my foot through the tv every time it comes on.

Hangs head.....I admit to loving that song, and "I Would do anything for love".

Goes away to do penance.

Meatloaf is an untalented piece of crap. I don't know what's worse, his singing or Steinman's lyrics. Fucking awful.

Bob has bitch tits.

Kevin, you made my night!

What I can't stand is the Chrysler(?) commercials for which the Devil's Spawn Herself, Celine Dion (did I spell that right? Oh wait, I don't care), sings and appears.
I'd drive all night to drive a stake through her skull.

My favorite song! However, it does not belong on a commercial and no one else has ever done a version that is any good (and I've heard plenty of tallented people try).

What have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this?

Oh great. Now it's Pet Shop Boys in my head all day.

Ummm....just a point. "Paradise by the dashboard lights" isn't exactly the best song to promote selecting your next car.

The final lyrics:

So now I'm waitin' for the end of time
to hurry up and arrive
'Cause if I have to spend another minute with you
I don't think that I can really survive...

I'm prayin' for the end of time
It's all that I can do
I'm prayin' for the end of time
so I can end my time with you.

Not exactly the reaction you want in a customer who just chose the Cadillac Bizarro, eh? :-)

All I have to say is: Chrysler Commercial + Celine Dion = HATE/BAD/EVIL/DEATH.

Sorry. Just had to get that out. I never liked Celine Dion to begin with and the fact that she mangled a perfectly good Orbison song makes me want to hurt her severely. (And it's one of my favorites too...Damn her.)

Aye Bogie. No one else can do it right.

Rock and roll sells cars and computers. Perhaps it should be added to the Friday Five. Is it a number 1 to keep michele happy?

Is Chyrsler confused or did the 12 year olds that watched Titantic grow up?

YES!! Meatloaf is awful!!

Death would be preferred and recommended!!

Michele - Glad to know it's not just me! I HATE that song and I can't BELIEVE Meatloaf is going to be making royalties from car commercials on it in 2003.

There is NO justice in the world. :)

Yeah Kimberly, You took the words right out of my mouth...

Uh-oh, I sure hope this isn't a deal-breaker. I worship Meatloaf as a god among men. He is THE ONLY male rock artist to ever get away with telling a girl 'there ain't no way I'm ever gonna love you' and still bang her. Had he been born 300 years ago, he would have been writing operas. Had he been born 1000 years ago, I think we may have had that whole harmonic convergance thing work out after all. I have gotten three speeding tickets in my life-all with 'Bat out of Hell' as the soundtrack. This is not a man we are talking about, this is a primal force of the universe. This concludes my rant, time for my meds now.

Christ, where did I put the tranq gun...

Stacy, you really need to do something about him.

shut the fuck up ppl. its just ur own fucken opinions so dont think that ur all that. who cares who u hate. at least u know who the fuck they are. and no one knows u.