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tis the season for judaism?

So my friend Barbara went in to Michael's Craft Store today to look for stickers for something she was making for her son's bar mitzvah.

She searched the aisle, couldn't find anything and approached the manager.

Do you have any Star of David stickers?
No, they aren't in season.
In season??
We only carry them at Christmas time.

Never mind how many ways of wrong that exchange is - when Barbara walked back down the aisle she noticed a whole row full of Christmas stickers.


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Wait a minute . . . was this a local friend, and a local store? Because I have to imagine that they'd be a little more informed about that kind of thing on Long Island, of all places!

i'm going to hell for laughing at that.

Now you know why Michael's keeps going into bankruptcy.

Wow. Once a year, right before Christmas time, I post the most egregious example I can find, of boneheaded advertizing and such from people who don't seem to get the fact that 1) not everyone celebrates Christmas, and, in particular, that 2) Chanukah isn't the Jewish Christmas, dammit. Here's the 2001 edition, and here's the 2002 edition. I wouldn't be surprised if your example were matched or topped before this coming Christmas, but it's always nice to see that it's never to early in the year to have no concept of what people of other faiths do.

I overheard this one spring day:

blonde: So, how was your Easter holiday?

brunette: Iím Jewish Ė I donít celebrate Easter.

blonde: Oh that's right, you celebrate that other holiday...umm..well, how was your Hanukah?

Oh, damn, that was a great laugh for me to start my day with. Thanks.

Oh, that is so wrong.


I had the same experience this Passover with a co-worker. No, he's not blond.

My favoritve variant of this genre came when I was living in Seattle, and was asked how I'd celebrated Easter, and I said that I really hadn't, I wasn't Christian. "You're not? What are you, then?" "I'm Jewish, though not particularly religious." "Oh." Long silence. "Do Jews celebrate Halloween,t then?"

I attempt to not strangle trying to keep from laughing.