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meryl and bon jovi, sitting in a tree!

We came. We saw. We kicked Zilla's ass.
Dave conceded that my readers were funnier and more abundant than his. Next week is the PottyMouth challenge.

I'm running late as usual but please check back later because I want to spread rumors about Meryl Yourish and I guess this would be the place to do it.

Don't worry, she's going to spread rumors about me, too. Don't listen to anything she says. Not only does she collect kitchsy statues of kids with huge eyes, but she's a compulsive liar as well. And she had big hair in the 80's. Maybe she still does. We'll have to ask WindRider about that.


I cannot take complete credit for Meryl's tardiness on Saturday....

And I might just tell everyone those stories about you and Ev....

Oh, I can win you the pottymouth challenge. Oh, yes, I can...

Dang, that was quick. I was just trying to think of something. You guys must, like, read books or something. Do they still make those?

Do I get an award or something? I am usually a modest guy, but my entries KICKED ASS.

If you need creative rumor-mongering, I suggest you recruit Frank J, of IMAO. His Instapundit rumors are a thing of beauty.

As somebody who actually knew Meryl in the 80's, I can vouch that she lacked anything resembling Big Hair, despite being a genuine Jersey Girl.

I'm sure, however, that my memory could be jogged to provide other incriminating anecdotes, given the proper incentive...ahem...