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blogging challenge: davezilla v. small victory

Hello? People?

You have been CHALLENGED. Do not make Davezilla's readers appear to be funnier than mine. Do not drag my site down with your apathetic, lazy, typing fingers. Make me proud. Kick his freaking ass.

See post here for challenge. Let's get funny: Book titles that didn't quite make it.

UPDATE: My readers kick ass. To wit:

Create Delicious Family Meals in Minutes using your Unwanted Children

Psst...post them on the original post, please.


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Okay, okay! sheesh!

Remembering that I'm not funny....

The Lord of the Bathtub Ring

Silence of the Hedgehogs

Memoirs of a File Clerk

I posted a few...i'll get back with more when I get the offspring fed, bathed, and put to bed.

Mommy, is that a real hand?: A Brief History of Fast Food

Sexual Techniques for Career Advancement

Your God doesn't Love You: The Fundamentalist Guide to Missionary Work

Create Delicious Family Meals in Minutes using your Unwanted Children

Achieve a Brighter Tomorrow - A Self-help guide to Denial and Delusion

Breaking Important News to Adopted Teenagers

Earn Big Bucks from Your Parents' Divorce: A financial guide

The Parents guide to Developing a Crack Habit (because all kids know that copying your folks is soooo uncool)

So You've Run Out of Injection Points? A Heroin Addict's Guide to Little Known Arteries

Mammalian Evolution League Tables (Revised - following publication of NBC fall lineup)

Hygeine Secrets of the French

"Mommy, How Does This Work?": A Young Girl's Guide to Feminine Products

The World's Greatest Croquet Matches: Volume I

"Trading Spaces" Tips for Crack Dens

Structural Engineering for Dummies

Gluttony Undone with Louie Anderson
Elizabeth Taylor's Guide To A Long And Successful Marriage
Making It Big In Fashion With Velour
Killer Dinner Parties With Spam
Proctology For Dummies
Yodel Your Way On To 'American Idol'
Toenails: The Unrealized Fetish

Reality always trumps fiction.

It's called Fleh: A children's story and playmate. Not laughing yet? Try these excerpts from reviews, I am not making any of this stuff up:

A story about an imaginary animal that lives in your hand.
(emphasis mine)
So many children complain of boredom. FLEH teaches them how not to be bored with themselves, & that is a blessing for parents as well as children
I bought a copy of this book for my daughter's birthday and she taught all her her friends to play along. What a great way to teach children hand/eye coordination and improve their social skills with other kids. My son also likes to play FLEH now that his sister is willing to share her present with him.

How do you folks do all those crazy boxes, man?

Is it a blogging jedi thing?

Man, we ravaged Davezilla's weak little punk fans. They're probably Slutertarians anyway.

You Make God Cry, A Catholic Child's Guide to Confession

Eating Cheetos Through a Straw: Masturbation Made Easy

Did I really write that?

The British Guide to Dental Care
Analyzing the German Sense of Humor
Get Fit with Roseanne!

Easy Home Decorating With Fat