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clearing the air

I do not think that gambling itself is immoral.

I let a very personal issue color my thinking on the whole Bennett subject. What I originally set out to write this morning was more about the coverage of the story in the blogosphere and elswhere, rather than the story itself.

They (whoever "they" may be) always say, write what you know. But sometimes what you know, and how you came to know it, can be a hinderance rather than an assett.


The people who are attacking Bill Bennett are all partisan liberals who just want to pounce at the smell of fresh meat. He did nothing illegal, he used his own money, didn't run into debt gambling, didn't hurt his family or friends, he did nothing wrong. Former New York governor, Mario Cuomo, a liberal democrat, went on Bill O'Reilly last night to defend Bill Bennett.
At least he wasn't getting blowjobs in his office from a woman old enough to be his daughter, right?

Actually, greg, there are several conservatives and not a few libertarians in the pile-on.

Michele, your story was personal, not an excuse to pile on or defend Bennett because of your previously-held views about him, and you weren't speaking from an impersonal political stance. Most of the commentary I've seen is the latter.

Gambling and other abuses can have devastating effects on families and friends of the abuser and there's nothing wrong with seeing a story from the personal rather than the political. It makes readers, including myself, STFU once in a while and reconsider what we've said.

Hey, I come here 'cause I like the way you think.

Some rich men spend their money trying to win the America's Cup, or backing broadway plays in hope of making it with a chorus girl.