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speaking of sin

I forgot it was seven sins week over at Acerbia. Is forgetting a sin?

Who couldn't get into a meme that prompts you to watch the special edition of Se7en again?

Yesterday's sin was envy. I missed it, but not entirely. While I didn't follow the rules exactly, I did spend quite a few moments envying the people who were free to get up and pee while I was stuck listening to speech after speech and couldn't move from my front row seat - which basically comes from my fear of getting up to go to the bathroom during comedy performances.

Anyhow, today's sin is anger:

Break stuff. Take all that suppressed rage and focus it on the inanimate objects that are lying around. Stuff you don't care about. That pencil? Snap it in half. That document? Rip it up. That guy who annoys you? Break his fingers... even if he isn't inanimate.

I haven't worked up to my anger phase of the morning yet, but I will. Dave told me to just be myself and and post as usual. I don't know what he meant by that.

Anyhow, I thought you could help me out here. Give me something to be angry about. Leave a link to a story that will piss me off. Give me news that will make me shake my fists at the sky in absolute rage.

I'll go get properly caffienated meanwhile.


Well, since today appears to be my stalk Michele on the Internet day, I'll start.

How do you feel about the French after that Washington Times story I posted to The Command Post?


Or you could try this article that claims the White House is admitting that there are no WMD in Iraq and that they knew so before the war...


Also more here about the no WMD story from The Nation.

Look up plans for a favourite movie sequel of your choice here...

Always pisses me off. Jeepers Creepers 2 anyone?

How about Final Destination 3?

Grrr, Hulk smash...