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speech therapy

The ceremony was lovely, as those things go. The Chief Judge of New York gave a very interesting speech on Marbury v. Madison. The Lt. Governor gave a not so interesting speech on independent courts and freedom. I had to pee while she was talking and I don't remember much except for crossing and uncrossing my legs and that her voice was not made for public speaking.

I humbly accepted my award, feeling somewhat of a fraud as the program for the day clearly stated that I, Michele Catalano, manage my life with "grace, dignity and humility." I don't know who wrote the program, but those are very kind words bestowed upon me by someone who obviously has never met me.

The program also said that in making my visions (Trooptrax and Command Post) a reality, I have not compromised my other roles in life. Of course, they have not been to my house to see the piles of laundry nor do they know that the registration on my car expired several months ago. I wonder if I can walk into traffic court, show them my plaque and demand to be un-scofflawed.

Probably not.

If you are really that bored, interested or whatnot, I will be reprinting the entire thing they wrote about me here, mainly because they mention Carol and Keith and I want them to know that - although they refer to Carol as "that hot chick from Massachusetts" and Keith as "That GI Stud from Nebraska."

Not really. I did, though.

Anyhow, this is Cinco de Mayo and I have a huge group of family and friends that are taking me out to dinner (ok, so most of them are under ten), and a whole evening full of margaritas to drink. Ole!


Big congratulations. It's wonderful that you were recognized in this manner--you definitely deserve the accolades.

Now, about that laundry...

for some reason, that scene out of Forrest Gump flashed into my head...

JFK: Congratulations. How do you feel?
Gump: I have to pee.

I'm not sure how I missed your original post about being selected to receive the award, but I did.

Very impressive! Congratulations!

Congratulations!! I love you! Refer to me that way any time you want!!

surely the end of the world is nigh. they spelled your name right. i'll be in my bomb shelter if you need me.

Hey, YOU! That "hot chick from MA" has been engaged to me for almost 15 years AND I HAVE SEEN HER BOOBS!
You all are pretty special......
congrats and spankings.

Damn. Mikey took my comment.

And I was on such a Forest Gump roll, too. Damn Bitch Mikey

If only they knew the TRUTH!