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There's been some confusion about the whole links thing. See, I use blogrolling, and I have three separate lists, one of which you will never see. So when I took my stroll around blog-land and started adding back all the blogs that were in my prematurely deleted bloglist, sometimes I forgot to do the pull-down menu thing and some of you ended up on my links list of porn and comics. Granted, some of you belong there. Anyhow, that may be the case with you. Maybe I just think you belong right up there with the panty fetish page and Roast Beef.


Quite honestly, I think I'd be insulted if I wasn't on the pornroll!

for all the search hits I get for people looking for mom fucking, I should be on the porn list. maybe I should stop saying fuck all the time eh?...lol

And some of us just lost entirely.

The fact that you would 'roll' a panty fetish site at all makes me love you all the more...

That's it, Michele's getting rolled up panties for Christmas. Some nice purple, cotton, zebra prints.

And talking about comics, it is May and Warren Ellis's ORBITER is out.

I've got my copy, have you got yours?

i got delinked. thank-you very little. i hate you. you suck. and the horse you road in on. and just when I thought i had all of my current challenges met. now i have to find a way to get linked by you again (oh and fix my golf swing but that is a life long problem). thanks for giving me a goal.

by the way, i coached a sir speedy little league team here in nebraska many moon ago. the kids were great and i was over .500 as a manager until i got fired for partying with the team after games (they had some great parties those guys!--too bad someone took pictures). i trust you are a good little league parent and not one of those that hangs out after practice to either bitchslap the team coach or firmly plant your nose up his or her ass so your kid can get more pt. i actually had a parent once that chewed me out for not arguing a call when my team was down 24-1. overall it was great fun. dj should show bill buckner a thing or two about fielding ground balls.

wow, i feel kinda special... i didn't even know you had me linked.

wait, do i have to be a slutpublican now?

Woo! Roast Beef...Achewood is one of my favorite webcomics.