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gratuitious baseball pictures

They lost, 10-0.


On the other hand, the kid looks like he could make Detroit's starting lineup

Well POOP.

I miss little league baseball. It was so much fun even if I was on a losing team almost every year. It's too bad that playing for a high school team ruins it for you.

Yeah, he looks like he has teh fielding skillz... God, I sucked so hard at Little League baseball. I played every summer for pretty much my entire grade-school career, and the suckage never decreased one bit... :-/

Nice pictures! My kids both played little league; my son played all the way through high school as well. Played in a state consolation game, even. Then, after my kids graduated from school, I started going to my nephews' games. I STILL hate sitting in bleachers and get a sore back after about an hour, but I LOVE watching the games. The kids have so much fun it is contagious to us adults.

I love watching baseball. It's my favorite sport of all time. Both of my brothers played baseball and I played softball.

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