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save the silverware!

I was just sitting here reading the news, when I burst into tears. I couldn't help myself. I was torn up inside.

My husband came running in to the living room. As soon as he saw what I was crying about, he started crying as well. We both felt bad. I mean, we do value the hunger pains of starving U.N. workers, but...the silverware. What a disaster.

Hunger pains can apparently turn even the most upstanding diplomat into a looter. At noon on Friday, food workers at the U.N. headquarters walked off their jobs, calling a wildcat strike. The result: none of the U.N.'s five restaurants and bars was staffed. The walkout left thousands of U.N. employees scrounging for lunch eventually, the masses stripped the cafeterias of everything, including the silverware.

The U.N. knew this was going on but did nothing. Our troops were too busy with other things to stop the looting. And really, what is more important? Kofi Annan's stomach or the souffles and casseroles and bottles of Jack Daniels?

It's a hard choice to make, I know. What would I have done if I was there? Faced with the dilemna of saving the U.N. linens from the crowd of looters or making sure Dominique de Villepin had lunch, I don't know what I would choose.

One person goes hungry and the tragedy affects those who have to deal with that person. One piece of linen or bottle of champagne is lost, and the loss affects us for generations to come.

Anyone who thinks we are in control of the U.N. is crazy. There is no civil order there. When people are hoarding the knives and forks and tuna sandwiches, there is no order. Our loss is theirs. We suffer with them. I only wish I was there to offer myself as a martyr so we would never know the loss of those beautiful coffee spoons.


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This may sound horrible, but given a choice between saving a salad fork and saving a baby, I would probably run and save the salad fork.

Poor people, I remember when I lived in NYC I could NEVER find a place to get lunch, EVER!!!!!! When do we expect the relief flights to start.......

Yeah, I mean babies are humanity's future, but what good will that future be without salad forks??? I ask you???


I hope the press hammers these people and exposes them for the freeloading little piggies they are.
I would love to see some video.


When the looting happened in Iraq, it was blamed on a lack of US Marine presence needed to maintain order.

I would like to suggest the same solution for the UN's looting.

Just goes to show how undisciplined, unscrupulous and stupid these asshats are...like they couldn't leave the building or call a deli for take-out?

One would think they hadn't eaten for a month.

It's the same herd mentality that drives people to eat airline food on a five hour flight.

Let us not forget that the silver, linens, and liquor cabinets represent the wealth and heritage of the UN people. Too long have they had to come begging to a pervasive multination crime syn--er, corporation for their basic sustenence. While saddening, even disappointing, this kind of behavior is only to be expected when a downtrodden people, unaccustomed to the responsibilities as well as priviledges of liberty, at long last throw off the chains of an oppression that only yesterday seemed as if it might never end.

Also, let us not forget that Dominique de Villepin is a man.

Thenk yew,

"Poor people, I remember when I lived in NYC I could NEVER find a place to get lunch, EVER!!!!!! When do we expect the relief flights to start......." - Bryans

Sort of reflects my thoughts. What? There are no other eating establishments within walking distance of the UN?! Are the employees, diplomats, et al "forced" to eat there at all times?

Good Grief!!

The lives of the 2 million people who read this story will be ruined forever. It would be better if we had not started the UN at all.