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last word on links

Sure, I expected email about the blogroll thing, but not the sort of passive-aggressive, I'm never talking to you again kind of mail and comments I got. Oh, you aren't linking to me so I am never, ever coming back here to read your blog again because I only read blogs of people who have me on their links list.

If I stopped reading everyone who doesn't link to me, that means that I would no longer read USS Clueless or Buzz Machine or Ken Layne or Matt Welch or Scrappleface or...you get the point. Hell, Lileks doesn't have a blogroll at all. Should we all stop reading his bleats because he doesn't link to us?

It's a freaking link, people. It's not the end of the world. Just because I forgot to put you on or deliberately took you off doesn't mean I hate you or think you are a bad person or I did some kind of public snubbing of you in the school cafeteria.

Last time I weeded out my blogroll, I didnt' make a public issue out of it, yet people still realized they were taken off for whatever reason (hey, if you update once every three months, I'm not going to bother, ok?). There are people who check Blogrolling constantly to see who's linking them and who isn't.

Get over it.

And yes, I did go ballistic when someone de-linked me last November, but it's a bit different when the de-linker makes a public issue of it and makes you feel like a pariah or the evil thing that crawled out from under the porch.


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They'll live.

Some people have too much free time to bitch. Personally I still love you regardless :)

she's still linking me-e-e-e!

neener neener neener!

(that's why i never mention it when i weed mine every few months - but you eventually get so many, you can't keep up)

Wow! You kept me, even though I'm a lazy jerk who never updates my blog! :)

Thankies! (and yes, there will be an update soon. I hope.)

What are these link things I keep reading about?


Why, you bitch! I can't believe---

Oh, never mind, you kept me on. Heh. Darling.

Seriously, though, the whole blogroll thing is a supreme pain in the ass, and I think I'm going to follow your lead and weed mine out a bit, too. Mine's completely out of control. And maybe, just maybe, it's time for me to get off my lazy ass and sign up with blogrolling.com.

P.S. I'm digging the new color scheme. Every time I change mine, it's PMS-related, too. Gotta love that!

That's okay, Michele, I'm on Rachel's blogroll and that's about all the blog love I can take!

Now, is she takes me off hers, then there'e gonn be trouble!

They'll all still love you. They're just feeling a little separation anxiety.

All your links are belonging to us.

Michele, I have always linked to you, but I don't expect you to link to me because, as you have stated, you don't like schmucks.

That's OK. You're much too young and eastern for me.


Jeez, people have way too much time on their hands if they actually check blogs to make sure they are still linked.

Heh. You delinked OTB:( Of course, you still had the old blogspot thing linked, so I'm guessing you weren't coming by all that often, anyway.:)

I take sites off my blogroll periodically, too. It just gets too big after a while.

I will console myself that I'm on ScrappleFace's list and you're not. :Q

Kewl. Thanks.

We gotta call each other on these color scheme changes though. I think we're synqing.

Was this change the blog color scheme weekend or what?

I look at a blogroll like it's a list of Family Members.
If there's a site I visit every day and comment on regularly, it's nice to feel like a part of that family.
If I don't get linked by that family, I'm going to wonder what I'm doing wrong to not be worthy of even a sporadic visit.
Every site I go to, I look at their links, which always leads to new and interesting blogs.