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Last night we watched ten episodes of Family Guy. I guess we decided we had too much fun and we must punish ourselves accordingly because we are going to watch Jason X now.

Review to follow.


Nevermind. I made it 28 minutes before I realized I would lose brain cells if I watched any longer.

The people responsible for movies like this should be tried on some kind of Homeland Security charge. Jason X just might replace Jeepers Creepers as worst movie ever on my list (which replaced Kazaam).

If you've seen a movie worse than those three, I'd like to hear about it.


I watched Jason X just... y'know, out of respect... or something. I was never a F13th purist so I don't mind much that it undermined itself at every turn, I just loved that half the cast of Andromeda had to take the gig to fund their catsuit fetishes...

The problem with picking up that gauntlet is that I would actually have to watch JasonX to have a guage by which to judge the other horrd flix.It's like asking someone if the milk has gone bad.

The Musketeer. Terrible. Awful. Blech. Watch the trailer for the fight scene, which is cool, but don't watch the movie for it--it's not worth it. (Although watching the movie specifically for the purpose of ridiculing it can be fun.)

I still hold Top dog to be worst film ever.... starring Chuck Norris and a benji-lookalike, directed by Chuck's brother.

I've got five words for you: Manos, the Hands of Fate.

"tHe MAsTeR doES nOt ApPRoVE..."

The Saint

Given the choice of rewatching (and in the case of the former, this time finishing) Jason X or the gawdawful film version of The Fountainhead, I'd have to try to handle one last dose of the hockey-masked one (and just for benchmarking purposes: every F13 after the first one was, for me, a complete waste of both my time and otherwise perfectly good videotape... )

Wait a sec, Kazaam was pretty good for a young persons movie. I mean if you are 10 it is kind of fun!
I cannot offer an opinion on Jeepers Creepers but if it is like a Jason film then I have to agree...
But I have to say that Kazaam should be grouped with films like 'Uncle Buck'.

$.02 (how come there is a dollar sign but no Cents on the keyboard?)

Well, the virtual-reality 80s scene towards the end is hilarious, but if only you're a Friday the 13th fan from way back like me.

Otherwise... don't get "Halloween: Resurrection" either, mkay?

I nominate "Howard the Duck" with "Hudson Hawk" as a very close second. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to scour my brain with steel wool.

I tried very hard to like Eight legged freaks. I failed. ;)

ah- ah- ah- ah- ah