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rollin, rollin, rollin

I had two public blogrolls. There were about 350 links between the two.

I now have one list, with 116 links. It shows ten random blogs on the sidebar. The rest can be seen by clicking where it says see it all.

I cleaned, weeded, whittled, whatever you want to call it. I also added, and I will probably add a few more before the day is over.

Steven Denbeste has a piece on links today. Read that before you complain to me that you don't see your name on my list.

However, if you don't see your name there and you are absolutely, postively sure it should be (I've slept with you or had drinks with you or you know my secret identity or about that episode with the Batman cape and the bedspring), let me know because I'm sure what with how incredibly tedious making a new blogroll was, that I left off someone important who will proceed to publicly spank me.

I don't read everyone on my list every single day and there are some blogs that I read once in a while that probably aren't on the list but I get through from someone else's links list, and I don't automatically link to someone who links to me nor do I link only people who link to me.

That should clear everything up before the mail starts coming in. I hope.


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i'm still making you the t-shirt, I'm not bitter. heh ;)

Hope you have assumed the "duck&cover" position behind a well-constructed bunker!

Oh, well. Links don't really mean anything if no one's clicking on them, anyway. Thanks for keeping me around on there as long as you did.

can i do a little dance if i'm still on the list? ;)

sniif :(

Oh well, it was great to be included while it lasted. :) You're still one of my favorite bloggers!

No hatemail from me either. In fact, I feel somewhat priviledged in a perverse sort of way to say that I've been dropped off of your blogroll twice!

I'm just going to have to try for a third.

SInce I was never on it in the first place, I guess I shouldn't feel bad that I didn't make the Cut.
But strangely, I do.
Oh, well.
ByeBye, MicheLe, it's been an enjoyable visit over the last year. Take Good Care.

I'm rather surprised that I made the cut. Thanks!

I never did understand the whole link-whore philosophy, or the idea that links have to be reciprocal.

I sense a rant coming on, but I'll save it for my own site, and for when I'm sober.

What are these "links" you speak of? I never use them in my blogging. I use bacon instead.

[SERIOUSLY] I have been going through my blogroll taking all the Blogspot blogs out. I am going to move them all to their own blogroll. It is good for my blood pressure. Oh, and sometimes I dump a link because I realize a) I never read the blog so linked anymore, if I ever did; b) the blogger hasn't updated since August 2002; c) I realized that reading the blogger was causing me to punch the wall a lot and a hole was developing and I rent, or d) because. It isn't because you unlinked people aren't cool.... just don't talk to me where people can see us, okay? [/SERIOUSLY]

Honey, as long as you still offer to kiss me full on the lips......we're cool.

It's your blogroll, Michele. Your space in the blogosphere, your soapbox to tap dance on, your pulpit to pound. That means it's your right to choose what you want and don't want on your list. Who cares about hard feelings?

Btw, thanks for having the impeccable taste to keep me on there. ;)

As Bill Whittle pointed out, denBeste was 'watering' a few sites... as you may well have been.

Those who are no longer in need of such mentoring, such protection... have made it, and can be happy they're cut loose, fancy free!

And truly, THAT's an Eye Opener!