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i'm the root of all that's evil but you can call me cookie*

Obviously, I am working on the site, as I always do when I am PMS.

The blogroll is on hiatus for the day as I weed it out, fix it up and piss some people off.

Such is life.

And if you don't like the new logo or the tagline or the colors -

Bite Me.

By the way, it's Saturday so it's Tell Lies About Glenn Reynolds Day.

Once again, I am defending him. He is not selling secrets to China, he is not a communist and he was not having oral sex with Chairman Mao. In fact, he was giving the Chinese a cure for SARS. So there.

I think Bill Whittle managed to shed Frank in the proper light the other day. Radiation, indeed.

Oh, the photoessay blog is all FUBARed. Don't know what happened, but for the two of you who actually look at the pictures, I'll attempt to fix it.

*That's just me singing again.


bites you pms... ugh, at least you do constructive things when you have it, i, on the other hand, think of violent ways to hurt people that piss me off. happy saturday!

I like the new color scheme....very autumnal. Looks good.

I better stay on that Blogroll damnit. :)

Bite you? Was that a request or a demand?

I'm still searchin' for my place in her new cabinet.....

"Yes, madam president..."

Love the look and the colors. If anyone else doesn't.....tell them to fuck off.

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire... we don't need no water let the...

That's a damn good song, Michele.

hmm... so the comments links are now ABOVE the article? ooops.

Oh, wait, they're not. I need more sleep.

Mmm, puppy... _

I like the icon thing at the top. It's sweet.