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turning nonsense into more nonsense

All you people fooling around with the poem generator, acting like you're so cool and hip. Hah. I used the thing back in February of 2002.

Well, that's not going to stop me from hopping on the bandwagon a second time.

now that silly Maypole
singing and spoil the rights and
it says excitedly. He is acting
up with the Iraqi crisis,
but the President He tilts
back in distress
call Mayday! comes from the role
of the story

Ted Rall:

Tell Me A GOP filed a mess
of use
nuclear, biological or Pick
comfortable margin, Republicans and for many voters
who did not doing anything
to capture the presidency in first term
as days left

Can't tell the difference between Morford's colum and the poem it generated:

also writes the population with
those pulsing extant
scientifically proven energetic vibration to radiate health
hurl sticks of sexless ignorance, at this
moment, to convince you realize that gets in other
words, that breath it Millions of
that everything
that you and satisfied
karmic burps.

And this one from ANSWER's page about the oppression of Cuba:

International A.series of air piracy,
several have occurred in
Write the terrorist crime
of Cuba are affiliated
with the submit button when you are imprisoned
in Los Angeles
its blockade against
terrorism against the considerable social and
its citizens from the Bush
Administration to grant
TENS OF attacks
on Movement S MARCH Against CUBA along
with the U.S.


I don't think I'm cool or hip. It was just a brief respite from the crushing despair.