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And maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot*

People keep emailing me, asking why I haven't written about the president's speech or his jet-pilot stunt.

Basically, because I agree with Glenn and he received a lot of negative mail over his views. But here goes anyhow - short and to the point.

It looked like a slick commercial for a future campaign and it made me very uneasy.

And that's all I'm going to say on that.

*Relax, it's a movie quote.


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So if Bill Clinton had done the same thing, what would we be saying?

Probably the exact same thing.

The key difference is that Bush really does admire and respect the US military, and the feeling is mutual. This was a great example of leadership. If he gets some good campaign commercials out of it, so much the better. I don't think anybody on board the Abraham Linclon minds.

Can we just get over Bill Clinton?

Ever think that Bush might have just done it just because he could? How many people get to take that ride? How many of you would give vacation money to Disney to fly out, land, and spend two days and one night on a real operational aircraft carrier?

"Ever think that Bush might have just done it just because he could?"

Yep. Simple as that. It's good to be the President.

I agree with Bill Quick on this one. Bush seemed to truly enjoy what he had done, and he looks more relaxed around the military than any President I can remember. The Secret Service practically had to mug him to get him away from all those sailors.

As for Clinton, well....I still remember that repulsive stunt he pulled on the 50th anniversay of the D-Day invasion. Talk about emotional manipulation.

I don't always agree with Bush but he is much smarter than some people give him credit for and once again, he has proven his leadership abilities. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but if this whole thing was staged for political gain, he just poked the democraps in the eye with a big stick.

The president climbed in an aircraft that then executed what is arguably the most dangerous manuever in aviation. It was piloted by a skilled pilot who nevertheless graduated well below the top of his flying class, or he'd have been flying a fighter. The message to the members of the armed forces was that he trusted them to execute their mission enough to entrust his ass to one of them.

The next message was also sent to others in the world that this president has a good relationship with the military that he commands. They would do his administration's bidding willingly. Most third world countries do not have this kind of faith in their military. In fact many first and second world countries do not have this kind of faith in their military.

The message to the members of the armed forces was that he trusted them to execute their mission enough to entrust his ass to one of them.

Really good point, HV. There was a message to the rest of us, too: Our soldiers, sailors and marines are to be admired and respected as the professionals that they are.

Maybe it was a great photo op. Maybe there's some politicking involved. But he pulled it off. Anyone remember how ridiculous and out of place Dukakis looked in that tank?

I think there's room for respectful disagreement on this one. As for this brother of a Sailor on her way home, I'll choose to believe it was an inspirational moment, if only because it made me feel really proud.

If he hurt himself while playing navy pilot, would hbe have presented himself with a Purple Heart?

Brent~"I don't always agree with Bush"
At the Ville?? I've been reading you for quite a while and I've never seen it....

Just goes to show you how widely nominally intelligent persons can differ about a simple event. Here are my thoughts on it.

I can see several reasons for pro-Bush people being uncomfortable with this one. Civilian control of US military via Pres, SECDEF and service secretaries is fundamental US policy. Does the Warrior President image strike a sour note? It should. Ike never donned the uniform as president (note how I'm vague so the lefties won't catch on and use this as their own) but he had earned the right to. Besides which the image was thoroughly etched into the American visual psyche any how. Bush too has earned the right to a flight suit.
A possible motive and a bonus result to consider:
Bush may have been sending a calculated message to every trumped-up generalissimo in the axis of evil neighborhood. That crap works for these morons, so I can't knock it.
The unexpected(?) result, he's ignited a firestorm of literal and figurative penis envy from the left (without Rolling Stone airbrushing!) and the ensuing rants are a joy to read.

Could it be that we've lost a sense of the importance of ritual closure, or ritual thanks, or ritual however-you-classify-it? The rantings of FDR seem like pompous theatrics to my modern ears, but I'm sure they were a vital boost to the country's state of mind.

I'd love to hear Paglia's take on it. Where's she been?

The only comparable comment about Clinton would be that they always took the ammo away from any service personnel that were within range when he visited troops anywhere, on HIS orders.

Clinton didn't trust them, eh?

Well written entry on your blog, Greyhawk. My heart is now soaring the way it does when I read Bill Whittle's essays. (www.eject.eject.eject.com)

The only question is how I've managed to miss your blog this long.

And now for something completely different...

The quote came from Army of Darkness, yes? :D

You know, frankly you and InstaPunDope and Andrew Sullivan can go to hell over this one. Bush is a genuine supporter of the military, a genuine advocate of freedom and the guy has just triumphed against major opposition at home and abroad. And all you can do is conveniently forget the last 6 months of hardship and opposition and frame it in a petty context of domestic politics.

In your own words, fuck y'all.

I just love when people take one little post I write and make it into something it's not. Perhaps reading a portion of this site before commenting on this would have the benefit of not making you look like an ass, eggo.

Darlin, it's precisely because I read this site that I made these comments. You think I'd bother if it were Josh Marshall or somebody like that? Guess I was hoping for something better. My bad.