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bzzz. bzzz. bzzz. bzzzz.

My T1 connection at work is doing its best to imitate 1996 and my 14k AOL dial-up connection.

I keep waiting for the busy signal.

Speaking of crappy internet things, I have lost one of my email folders. It was the one titled Slutpublican Nominations.

Please read here for an imporant announcement regarding the Slutpublican Campaign.
I mean it. Now.

So. Does anyone want to hear that dream I had?


The internet sucks right now, even on a cable modem in Florida. Who knows why.

Yes, Michele ... I could use some entertainment. Tell us about your dream.

Wish I could remember my dreams ... haven't been able to EVER. Not a single dream in my entire life, and I'm 33. Bizarre, huh?

Hey michelle, if youve still got those cds in your closest Id gladly take it off your hands.