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More like a memo to myself. So much blog fodder today, so little time. In no particular order, to take on today:

Bush as stud. The launch of Slutpublican.us and our own presidential stud. Rachel Corrie. Natalie going to see the Dixie Chicks. Segregated proms. Winner of Saddam Birthday Poetry Contest. More playground politics. Free Comic Book Day. Museum looting. My dream about: Charles Johnson, Killians Beer, a light-up walker for a retarded man, a redneck fighting me, a dead basketball player bleeding in my car and cold cuts. Redesigning this site. Why, after getting about eight hours of sleep last night, I still can't keep my eyes open. North Korea. SARS. Etc., etc., etc.

You may proceed with your day now. Move along.


Yep. Nothing a fifth of Wild Turkey and a bottle of Xanax can't cure, eh??

Yeah, even Bruce does a 'package check' comment....

One more issue just under the radar. Have you heard that attorneys for The William Morris Agency are shutting down the Boycott Hollywood Blog? Guess they have problems with free speech. Is your site next? Stay tuned...

BUSH AS STUD???? vomits copiously

Same here about the sleepiness this morning after a decent night's sleep - fortunately some lovely person in my group at the office brought in Starbucks coffee for everybody...

Free Comic Book day is today?! Aw man... and I'm nowhere near a store...

Yeah he is a stud muffin isn't he?

Your header read "spit it out".

What if I'd rather swallow?