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a moment for myself

I would like to publicly thank my wonderful brother-in-law Lew for nominating me for the New York Court State Unified Court System Merit Award for Community Service (the link points to last year's winners).

I won. I just found out about ten minutes ago. I didn't even know I was nominated until now.

Lew nominated me for my work with TroopTrax. I owe a debt of gratitude to both Carol and Keith, without whom the effort would not have been so successful. Lew also mentioned Command-Post in his nominating letter. I'm grateful he didn't mention this site, for obvious reasons.

I'm honored, to say the least. In fact, I don't even know what to say. I never even won one of those citizenship awards that everyone gets in junior high, and now I am going to be accepting this award, at the same podium as three court officers who saved the life of an attorney last month.

I hope this isn't tacky, posting about this. For the first time in my life, I am really proud of myself.

Thanks, Lew.

Ok, I found the place where it says how you get nominated.

Selection Process

The Program Coordinator requests from the nominee's Executive Assistant, Chief Clerk or unit head written confirmation of the statements contained in the submitted nomination form and a recommendation regarding the nominee's eligibility for an award. After reviewing the nominations, the Program Coordinator selects the top nominees for each category (generally 3 to 5) and forwards their names to the Merit Performance Award Selection Committee, which reviews the nominations and makes recommendations to the Chief Administrative Judge for review and final selection.


The Merit Performance Awards are presented at a special ceremony held at the Court of Appeals on Law Day. Each award recipient receives a certificate of commendation signed by the Chief Judge and the Chief Administrative Judge, and a UCS medallion. A press release is issued to local media and photos are displayed at each honoree's work location.

All I keep saying is, me? Are you sure you mean me?


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Richly derserved.

Cool! and Congrats!

Michele, sharing great news with pals is certainly not tacky, but very appreciated by us to share in the knowledge that we have a fine woman among us! And the fact that you are recieving accolades for something supporting our troops and have endeavored to actually do something tangible is even better! Right on to Carol and Keith as well. Michele for President!



damn straight you! you deserve it!


That is wonderful!! Congratulations! You deserve it!

wow! congratulations, sugar. finally the rest of the world is as proud of you as we are!

it is very much deserved. congrats Michele.

Go Michele!!! So exciting, It is very well deserved. You work so hard on so many wonderful things!

Congrats! Well deserved!

(I guess I don't have to sit by the phone any longer waiting for my "You've won!" call. Dang!)

Wonderful news!

(and not at all tacky)

Not tacky at all! Congrats, Michele. Nobody is more deserving.

You should be proud of yourself, you lil' slutpublican! I am so happy for you. licks you all over


No, not tacky at all. And yes, YOU. Isn't tecnhology wonderful!?

YAY!!!! Go YOU! (And your brother-in-law for nominating you!!)

I'm confused. Three court officers save a lawyer's life (why, oh dear, why). They put you in this club and you're happy too?

Well, congratulations, Michele, if that's what you want, you got it.

I was a Scoutmaster for ten years and they gave me this key. It didn't open anything, but it was on a nice green ribbon.

Yumpin' yimminy! It took 'em this long to realize that you're all about servicing people? Um... you know what I mean. WTG, babealzebub.

Well, yea.

The running joke right now is "they give awards for SAVING lawyers lives now??"

How terrific! Congrats, Michele. But I think you should be proud of yourself all the time....

Terrific, congrats!


does that imaginary waving-a-cowboy-hat-over-my-head gesture

Very richly deserved. =)


you more than deserve it... for both TroopTrax & Command Post.....


Sweet. Congratulations.

I often read, but rarely post. My hearty congratulations. You worked for it.

Not tacky at all - Fabulous News.

Tacky is right after you.....oh never mind.

Anyway, Congratulations, it's a well deserved honor.

Imperial Falconer

Dude. that so fucking rocks! And so do you. Slurpy kisses from both of us.

Excellent! My heartiest congratulations.


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It isn't tacky at all. You did wonderful work with TroopTrax and became a must visit site with Command Post. That award is the least you deserve.


Good for you, Michele! Won't be long now before guys will have to come and kneel in front of you to get knighted.

Congratulations! You really have done an amazing job with TroopTrax, Michele, and it's nice to see that you're getting recognition for it.

Rock on.

I read an article in the New York Times (of all places) about a study that reported the most competent people tended to make self-reports that questioned the extent of their own abilities where less competent folk tended to make self-reports claiming that they were great and that they themselves were misunderstood or worse.

You prove the study was true.

Have NO doubt! BE proud! BE happy!

Well, DUH, you. :P When people who are that much better than me question their own abilities, it seems I gotta set them straight...

Just think of how many happy military people there are thanks to your idea. More to the point, imagine how many MORE people are happy they managed to participate tin such an original way to aid our country. And even MORE people who found good, original coverage of the Iraq crisis literally as it unfolded, with none of the tedium of the major networks.

Sure you deserve it. :) If you were my age, I'd probably ask you for your phone number.

(as you are not my age, I have to pay people to get it for me. ;) )


of COURSE they meant you :)

good girl. good job. WELL DONE!

I'm sure this "atta-boy" will nullify any "oh shits" you've accumulated! Congrats, we're proud of you!


That's so awesome, Michele. You deserve it! Congratulations!!!!

Magnifico: well-deserved congrats!

Congrats Michele!! :D

Definitely Not Tacky!!!

Congratulations! And no, it's not tacky. It's for the best, actually - we'd all find out eventually anyway, and you'd have to explain why you didn't tell anyone :)