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legislation and lust in the white house

The Slutpublican ticket will be the most interesting party to enter the field in the history of politics. Did you ever imagine atheists in the White House or the Presidential Limo with a bumper sticker reading "My SUV can beat up your hybrid car" or the secretary of agriculture declaring "a cow on every plate" and then making PETA an outlawed group?

I mean, no offense against my man Rummy, but who would you rather have as Secretary of Defense?

"The Secretary of Defense is not a super General or Admiral. His task is to exercise civilian control over the Department for the Commander-in-Chief and the country."


"I will not lie to you...there is very little difference between my own schema and that of the current S.O.D. and former Princetonian Flyboy, Uncle Donny Rumsefeld. However, I vow to match every ounce of his Strangelovian ethos with poolhall violence in Mickey Rourke-sized servings. Around here, we hit first, we hit hard, the bouncer is our cousin and the owner is a good friend. "

[There's more where that came from.]

I wonder if it would be okay for the President to have an affair with the Defense Secretary.

Do we have an office of Slutpublican Ethics and Morality yet?

And please, stop emailing me asking when I am going to get your bio/picture up. This president-in-waiting has a day job.


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Can I be in charge of keeping the Good Doctor's "beliefs" firm?

My God, the SOD is a tasty morsel....

Can I be an intern in the new gov?

A Campaign Slogan submission:


ladies, please....you're making my heads swell.

Ladies, the position is down on your knees, um, I mean, filled. :-O

Hey! Get in line!!

Slutpublican Ethics!

Great oxymoron, like French War Heroes, Freezer Burn, Jumbo Shrimp, Army Intelligence, har har har. Act naturally, Extra money, Rap music. Advanced BASIC, Found missing, Religious tolerance. Airline food, Resident alien

Acidman for official court jester Slutpublican administration Liar!

Umm, C'n I be the Secretary of Ethics and Morals? As qualifications, my Ethics are highly situational, and my morals are non-existent.


Dammit, Michael D... you beat me to the punch.