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Blogger SARS alert

Gary Farber doesn't have SARS - could be just pneumonia - but I say we treat him as suspicious. If you have been in contact with Gary Farber's blog in the past few days, or know anyone who has (when you read a stranger's blog, you read the blogs of everyone he's read in the past five years), I would suggest getting checked out by your nearest blog physician.

And for the love of life, bloggers, wear a mask when you read blogs. You never know where your linklist has been!


Why, I oughta...!

Not take up heavy blog reading for the first time in weeks, while I'm sick, after finally starting to get comfortable with the job I started six weeks ago?

Not read websites with itsy-bitsy-spider teeny-weeny type that is essentially typographically ndrreadable?

Not finally look at blogs I've read many fine compliments written about for months?

Not have my usual reaction of anti-biotics turning my brain into cotton candy which may or may not be colored pink?


I should thank you.

Thank you.

Now if only I could read what I wrote here. Poorreading? I used to do that for money....


I just read this comment without my mask! What the hell am I supposed to do now? The only wat out is death!

Ok, so who's going to volunteer to play doctor and check out all of those who've come in contact with Gary?