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outrage of the day

Memorial Day has been cancelled.

At least that's what they're saying in Alexandria.

Alexandria, the city that sits in the shadow of the Pentagon.

Here, in the waning days of a war, in a school district populated with families of veterans, the Alexandria School District has decided to keep school open on Memorial Day to make up for missed days in winter.

The decision to use Memorial Day as make-up day was made by administrators before the campaign in Iraq started, said Barbara Hunter, executive director of information and outreach. She said a few parents have complained, but added that while the school district respects their arguments, "I don't think there's any chance it will change."

She said the schools could have a barbecue or similar event in celebration of troop efforts and many plan to talk to students about the significance of Memorial Day.

"I suspect that many [students] miss the point of Memorial Day and don't realize how important what U.S. soldiers are doing is," Ms. Hunter said. "We're looking at this as really a way to teach them."

I don't think they would miss the point this year of all years. What they are teaching them is the bureacracy rules over everything else.

Sure, Memorial Day is a day of barbecues and pool openings to some people. But there are always the parades and the memorials. In my town, which does not boast the military population that Alexandria does, the turnout for memorials and salutes to the veterans is overwhelming. I imagine in Alexandria it is even more so.

We have just lost soldiers in a war. The day that is set aside to memorialize those soldiers and all others lost in combats throughout time has now been lost to the families of Alexandria.

Sure, they could do it on any other day. But the significance here is that the shcool district doesn't care. To use Memorial Day to make up for a snow day is a slap in the face to every person in Alexandria who has lost someone to the perils of war. It is a blow to all those who have relatives and friends overseas right now, fighting for freedom.

It's disgusting is what it is.

If you are as outraged as I am, you can contact the ACPS Superintendent, Rebecca Perry, here.

Thank you to Rob of Left and Right, who sent me the link this morning and asked if I would make the public aware of this situation.


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Well, since the "peace" dipnut school kids cut class for peace, why not encourage the kids in this school district to cut school in support of our troops. I'm sure their parents won't mind.

This is so absolutely grotesque that I can barely write coherently. And to follow up the previous comment, even if no kids showed up at all, the fact that the schools are still officially open is still an insult.

What else comes to mind about Alexandria? Oh, that the Disneyfied downtown of the People's Republic of NoVA was once governed by Mayor, now Congressman, Jim "this-war-wouldn't-be-happening-without-the-all-powerful-Jews" Moran.

Man, I wish I were one of the all-powerful Jews.

Damn my protestant heritage! Damn it, I say!

Thanks for pointing this out--I'll be sending them some polite commentary.

As an Alexandria resident, I share your outrage. Memorial Day is not a fucked-up Hallmark holiday. I suggest that if these jagoffs don't cancel school immediately, then there'd better be a mass field trip to Arlington Cemetery. Oh am I pissed. Now 'scuse me, 'cause I have a few educators and officials I need to call. Thanks for posting this Michele!

I live in DC, and this is the first I've heard of this... Why can't they just lengthen the school day by 15 minutes like another district? I don't see how one day makes so much difference. When I was in school, we didn't do anything the entire last week of classes and I'm sure it hasn't changed. Here's a thought--make the teachers TEACH until the last day!

You know, maybe if Alexandria City Schools didn't close down every time more than four snowflakes hit the sidewalk, they wouldn't be in this predicament. And Aimee's right ... I thought Memorial Day marked the beginning of the end of teaching for the school year. Sitting around all day, hugging trees and discussing the holiday just doesn't seem like an appropriate way to celebrate it, especially when you can walk down the street in Old Town, Alexandria, and just feel that your city was and is home base to history.

Am I wrong in making the assumption that someone that can reach the rank of administrator should be able to chew gum and walk. How can these people make such dumb decisions? I spent what seems like 30 years in the public school system in Illinois. There is a lot more chance of a snow day in Illinios. Snow Days were always tacked on to the end of the school year. What will they do if it snows on Memorial Day? Have everone start the year over?

Are people forgetting what has happened in the past for our country to be free. Oh my gosh!!! I just want to yell at the yahoos when I hear crap like this. I challenge them to leave the country and tell me then how they miss the US...


Some additional contact info

Office of the Superintendent
2000 N. Beauregard St.
Alexandria, VA 22311

Phone: 703-824-6610
Fax: 703-824-6699

E-mail: rebecca.perry@acps.k12.va.us

Thank you, Michele.


I have a better idea than complaining try suggesting that they involve local veterens in the day. My former school has developed an interesting alternative for Veterens Day. Instead of having the day off, they invite veterens to come and tell their stories and go to classes with the students. Just a thought.

We have the same situation here, but the holiday in question is Martin Luther King's Day. Can you imagine the outcry if this day was used as a make up day for anything?

This is a continuation of the belief that we honor those who served in our nation's military by throwing a 3-day sale on linens and women's accessories. I like cheap towels as much as the next guy, but put the sale on a more appropriate day, like Labor Day.

That said, Dawn's idea is a good one. I was in the DC area on business recently, and made a pilgrimage to Arlington National Cemetery. It is awe-inspiring, even more so than the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The acres and acres of rolling hills given to our most treasured heroes are a place of quiet reflection for all Americans, where we can wander in silence, thinking "Because they are here, I am free."

Well, Michele, thanks for posting the contact info at the Superintendent's office. I got my "thank you for writing" e-mail from someone-or-other.

Greg brings up a good point -- Hecht's, Macy's and Bloomie's are all planning their weekend sales, so perhaps my suggested field trip to Arlington will end up being held at the Shops at Pentagon Row instead. ;) Here's to hoping that our local school officials come up with a better plan soon.

Here's what I sent:

Just read about the un-American idea you guys have about making up a missed snow day by keeping schools open on Memorial Day. Saw it on: http://www.asmallvictory.net/ - the part that galls me is even after "a few parents complained", you still insist on doing it. Yet, amazingly, should some poor, wittle, minority "victim-for-a-day" get their precious self-esteem rattled, you statist nimrods have NO problem removing flags from buildings, introduce "fisting" as a sex-ed course, or removing references to the Founding Fathers from textbooks. All because somebody got "offended".

Have you totally forgotten what Memorial Day signifies? Or, as I suspect, is this yet another attempt to revise the "PC-history" that is so popular these days.

Lenin was right - all you guys are useful idiots...turn the kids into mindless drones who cannot think for themselves and who need the all-mighty government to tell them how to survive day-to-day. Why, then they'd turn into people who overwhelmingly vote "Democrat"...just like you.

Oh, come on. Just hold an assembly for the kids on that day. They don't need the whole day off to learn about honoring veterans, and let's face it, if they had the day off, they wouldn't be honoring veterans.