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like nails on a blackboard

After listening to a sound clip of Hilary's "fiery" speech of last night, I am beginning to understand Bill Clinton a bit more.

Perhaps oral sex is his way of keeping his women quiet. Between Monica and Hilary, the noise factor must have been debilitating at some points.


I just heard that! She is such a shrill, bitter, the-louder-i-am-the-more-you-will-understand, kind of "woman". Talk about being embarassed by the (former) president (and her husband) being from your state. My stomach hurts just thinking about her.

Was there a link to the clip on that page?

Don't blame her. Blame the New York schmucks who voted for her. Now we have to listen to her till 2006, and God forbid she actually won the presidency in 2008, in which case I will go bungee jumping without the cord.

that is a helluva theory. makes sense too. but personally i just think bill liked to put his dick in things.

Try to remember that we're talking about a woman named for a saint whose Saint Day (Jan. 15) was chosen because it's the coldest day of the year. With a background like that, she was destined to be a cold bitch and Willy should've known it.

Love the line about "squandering the surpluses that accumulated during the administration of her husband".

They were, of course, every bit as real as Enron's trading floor.