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judges needed

I need a few unbiased, poetry-savvy people to judge the Saddam's Birthday Poetry Contest.

The entries are here.

If you are interested, leave your name here in the comments before noon (EST) today.

[The Slutpublican Campaign will continue later on this morning]


I humbly offer my services as a judge for your poetry contest.

Not many people know it, but I am a poet of some reknown myself. Some might considering this bragging, but I'm sure you familiar with this bit: "There once was a man from Nantucket...." Yep, I was the inspiration for that immortal line. ;0)

Well, no, I'm not (strictly speaking) from Nantucket, and I apparently am also incapable of employing proper grammar.

I'd like to help judge but I have to go to work. If 8pm tonight isn't too late for me to submit my opinions, then please count me in.

Please let me win. Give me this one small crumb of victory so that I can give just a hint of validation to my life.