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an importan slutpublican party announcement

Jonathan, my vice-president in waiting, has made an important announcement regarding our stand on adults sodomizing each other:

We support the right of all Americans to sodomize each other, consensually, in their own homes. We will work with state government and our own Justice Department to see to it that all Americans are free to sodomize each other, so long as both adult parties consent.

There's a lot more and I suggest you go read it, especially if you want to be part of our campaign.

Remember, everyone - the Slutpublicans are pro-sodomy! Join the holy orgy1!


Sodomy/”Holy Orgy”

Father, why do these words sound so nasty?
Can be fun
Join the holy orgy
Kama Sutra


I was sitting the fence, but now you can count me in!

Us Democrats have been for all of that stuff for a long time. I'm glad you're hoping on the orgy wagon.

Now... how do you feel about feltching, or should I not push?

Hooray for Sodomy!

...and I'd been thinking anyone who didn't go to high school with me wouldn't remember those lyrics... that was practically our class song my junior year (only to be replaced with Steve Martin's "King Tut" by senior year... hey, I never said we had consistently good taste...)

Um, excuse me. I need one point clarified. Your stance says you are all for adults consensually sodomizing each other in their own homes. What about if I want to do it in some cheap, sleezy hotel?

Umm, how come you only allow sodomy when "both" adult parties consent?

Seems awfully judgemental, ruling out 3 or more in on the action? And what about teens?

And Americans only? Seems awfully nationalistic.

Until you take an affirmative stand for unlimited hot Thai teen girl-on-girl-on-guy action, I am withholding my vote.

There was an SNL skit with the Sodom Chamber of Commerce debating how to get the message out that Sodom was the place for sodomy.LOL!

so when are you coming over to my house so the sodomy can begin, michele? mmmmmmm sodomy.

So let me see if I've got this right. The Slutpublicans want to allow everyone to fuck everyone else in the ass. Demosluts, on the other hand, want to be the ones that fuck everyone in the ass.

"Holy orgy, Batman!"

At first glance I missread the sentence as

"We support the right of all Americans to sodomize each other, constantly..."

Shit is among the worst things in the world. Shit comes out of the butt, which is heavily linked with the act of sodomy.

Just a heads-up. =)