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If you have paid money to see The Real Cancun I do not want to play with you anymore.



I have never agreed w/ you more!

If it makes you feel better--I won't go, and never had any intention of doing so.

I'm still waiting for Hollywood to put out a movie worth boycotting.

How mush did you pay?Matinee price?

For what it's worth, the kids involved haven't said anything along the lines of a Sarandon/Robbins/Sheen/Maines. That's got to be worth at least a half point in their favor, right?

For what its worth, at least the kids in the 'documentary' didn't say anything like the Sarandon/Robbins/Sheen/Maines crowd. That has to be worth something...

Hey, and if they could just adopt our slogans of 'have sex for war', they could fit right in over here.

sorry for the double post....

I went to that link to read what it had to say about The Real Cancun, as I had never heard of it. When I got there, I noticed another link to HOT NEW ORLANDO BLOOM photos. {drool}

What were we talking about again?

Im so relieved it bombed at the box office. I was so afraid people were actually going to go see it!

I can't believe people even wasted money thinking about, making, or even promoting that movie.

How about if I puked when I saw the commercial for the Real Cancun? I mean ... WTF?

You guys are just snobs. TRC is great art masquerading as fratboy inanity. It's a sly yet incisive examination of contemporary mores in the maelstrom of late-stage capitalist decadence...and it's even got redeeming social value.