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gratuitous picture time

Leftover Easter pictures, today's Little League game and photoshop fooling around.

Just to make sure you really looked at them, I'm going to make you vote for your favorite one.

For this one, guess which movie Justin was acting out. Our family has such great ways of celebrating the holidays.

UPDATE: Greg guessed right.


i like the one where the little guy is pointing the gun at you through the fence....lol


Well, whiteflower as still life

djchest as action shot

Deer Hunter

I wanted to vote for the monkey. You for got to put somebody with a monkey head. For a control in the experiment.

I vote for the smushy-faced tennis racquet picture. What a cutie pie.

God, I'm SUCH a "mom."

OK, favorite is the black and white one of DJ standing still. A VERY close second is the smushed tennis racket face.

As for the movie... I have no idea.

The young man rounding first. (Your son by any chance.)

Actually, he's rounding third, not first. My son is just about to tag him out.

DJ safe!

dj safe is by far my fav - xlnt shot and capture of emotion/the moment

In that picture of Justin, is that guy in the background in the deck of cards somewhere?

I'll tell my (Jewish) brother in law that you mistook him for one of Saddam's henchmen.

Knowing him, he will get a good laugh out of it.

Jewish brother-in-law. In the deck of cards. There is no escaping the neocons!

Shit. I better turn him in!

my faves are the b & w action shot and the smushy-face tennis raquet pic ... they're all great shots though

Gotta love the smooshy face.

I love the one of DJ about to hit a home run. Good action shot, plus I like the look of concentration on his face.

I like the one with the cute kid with the water gun, NO WAIT, the tennis racquet, NO WAIT, the screen shot, No WAIT.... you get the point!

I like the shot of Dj kicking the ball. and of course squishy-face.

Great pics. I especially like the ones taken through the chain link. It lends a nice effect. :)