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the new party politics

There's a reason why I'm always calling Seki my beautiful genius.

In regards to last night's Slutpublican post, Seki has made these banners for you and yours. Enjoy.




Post them on your site, but save them to your own server or I'll have to kill you, except for Jim who is allowed to use my server space for his robot sex comics (no permalinks, just go look) because he is a mad genius and I want to be able to say I helped him out on his way to fame, fortune and jail time.


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What? No Sluthamas and Lezballah? They'r epolitical parties, after all... no terror at all in them according to Syria... ;)

I've often wondered what would have happened if Clinton had said, "Yeah I had sex with Monica and so did Hillary."

Imagine the look on the Republican's faces.

Yeah, Clinton really disappointed me, in a different sort of way.

Isn't Hillary a member of Lezbollah?

With this kind of degenerative trashing of women BY women, who needs male chauvinists?

In a simpler world it used the be just the men who were the sexist pigs. Now in a world of equality the wimmin have joined the party.

Should I be happy about this? Hmmmm...

Larger. We need larger.

And that 'Lezbollah' thing?


Definitly stolen.

New paint job, file off the serial numbers, it gets posted on Lucianne.com.

Imperial Falconer

Caleb: I should know better than to encorage you, but in what way is she "trashing" any women, eh?

No, wait you said "degenerative trashing". So Michele's a "degenerate"?!

Never mind, I really couldn't care less what your opinion was.

oh i'm so taking on and the t-shirts will be done soon!

one not on. haha

I so stole the Slutertarian. Basically because I do know how to use that. Thank you so much, Michele. And whenever you get the t-shirts made, Yvonne, let me know. Heh. Won't my in-laws be SO proud?

We need pimpertarians, pimptocrats, and pimpublicans too, y'know! Although I'm more of a pimpublitarian, actually. But you get the drift.


If you dont care about my opinion, why did you bother to read my comment? Dumbass.

My point is we're taking the guttural rantings of an evidently sex deprived yahoo who flamed Michele, and gave it legs. We may think it's funny and all, but if a liberal called me the Pimp Daddy of Ann Coulter, i dont think Id wear that title with honor, but that's just me.

Excuse me. I am Ann Coulter's Pimp Daddy's Momma. My son's name surely isn't "Caleb." We do have a neighbor named Caleb -- a toothless, 400-pound, alcoholic bum who lives in his crazy aunt's basement. They can't let him out of there because he has a habit of exposing himself to the ladies at the church meeting on Tuesdays. I'm sure you aren't the same Caleb. At least our town's Caleb has a sense of humor.


Calib: Let me check... Yep, I still don't care.


Nope that's not me. I only weigh 300 pounds :D

What, no Sleen?

I'm not sure what the iconography and slogan of a Sleen Party operative would be. Maybe sexy librarian glasses, barely legal pigtails, and -- hmm. "Think globally, act locally"? "We're neither left nor right, we're on top"? "Vegans taste better"?

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