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look ma, i'm a slutpublican!

Addressing today's mail.

Dear Mr. Ten-Inch Liberal,

Just because a person supports the war and the president in that matter, does not mean that said person a) thinks Rush Limbaugh is the greatest thinker of all time; b) fantasizes about Bill O'Reilly or c) wants to have sex with Charlton Heston.

Although I did like being called a "slutpublican," the phrase "FreeperFucker" was just too creepy for me to enjoy. Oh, and "Fox News Asslicker" just does not have that roll-off-your-tongue quality that slutpublican does.

And no, I would not like to have Neil Cavuto's face tattooed on my tits nor would I care to have you teach me a few things about what a woman like me really needs. I have a feeling it has something to do with you calling me Mommy while I spank you and frankly, I'm just don't feel close enough to you yet to engage in that kind of behavior.

You seem to be fixated on sex. Perhaps you might want to think about having sex other than the kind you get with your right hand while you are jerking off to pictures of Robert Fisk and Ted Rall.

There's always your left hand and Susan Sarandon if you're really desperate.

Thanks for writing, it's been fun!


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You made that one up. Admit it!

"just don't feel close enough to you yet to engage in that kind of behavior"

I really like the YET part. :P You frighten me in ways I'll never understand! LOL

i am so making a t-shirt with that "slutpublican" on the front and "I like it in the ass" on the back. want one?

What's a Freeper?

I'd buy a "Slutatarian" shirt. :)

No one ever calls me a "slutpublican." :(

Freeper is someone who frequents


I've always been of the opinion that you can never have too many slutpublicans around. RWN loves slutpublicans....

Slutpublican.I LOVE it. Now I have an alter responce to my "I'm a Libertarian" answer to what i really am! Now I'm no longer the "most fucked up Republican" my husband has ever known! cool

Methinks Mr. Ten-Inch Liberal spent a bit too much of his time and money with his local plain old publican before he wrote that email.

Had he been sober and able to read more of this blog, he surely would have realized that Michele is far too much woman for him to handle and would have gone back to propositioning his neighborhood teenagers, who would have naive enough to fall for his pathetic line of drooling drivel.

Better to be a slutpublican than a democrackwhore.

amidst the politically erect discussion

i couldn't let this love-in thing pass by without telling you, Michele, that you are da bomb.

man, that sounds dumb. anywho, i think you're pretty swell. i love you because you're a personality worth delving into with many facets to explore. you're more than skin-deep. i love you for posting parents-on-crack stories at RHzine, because then i don't feel so alone in my parental eccentricity.

please pardon this lighthearted break in programming and go back to your regularly scheduled polit-punditing

But what are male slutpublicans called?


I'd have to be really desperate if it was Susan Sarandon.

That sounds like a left-handed compliment!

Hey! Democrackwhores give really inexpensive handjobs.