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glenn reynolds kills hobos!

Hi, my name is Michele and my turn-ons are Satanism, hobo killing and putting puppies in blenders.

My turn-offs are men who try to disparage those who participate in my deranged fantasies.

You can make it up to me, Frank. Just go out and kill a hobo. And bring me his traveling stick as proof. You know, the one with the little red hankie tied to the end.

Remember, that's hobo, not hippie. Don't come back here with some patchouli smelling Phish fan's head.


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Don't push me, Michele! I could lie about you too... though I'm not sure I could come up with any lies that are worse than the truth about you :)

Wow... I thought I was the only person into that stuff. You are truly the girl of my wet dreams. :0)

Oh wait... you meant "hobo" with a "B".
Well, hey. Two out of three still ain't bad! ;0)

When was the last time you saw a hobo? what is the diff betgween a hobo, a tramp, and a bum? no puppies till you can answer...cuteness insufficient when trumped by knowledge

Don't forget that your other turn on are banning people for expressing political views you don't like.


Not quite, Rev. A ride through my comments will reveal you are wrong.

However, I am a BIG fan of banning you.

I thought HoJo's were like this ancient restaurant chain with clam chowder and 28 flavors of ice cream and stuff. I think they got wiped out in the toilet paper shortage of the '70s or something.

No, no....that's the guy who used to play third base for the Mets and got wiped out in the talent shortage of the late 80's.

I thought that they were those yummy Hostess snack thingys.

Learn something new every day.

OK freddie here it is:
A hobo is a migratory worker
A tramp is a nonmigratory worker
A bum is a nonmigratory nonworker.
When do I get my puppy?

Did you know that when Koreans have a dog meal, they drink 'Jack Spaniels'?

you are killing me this morning!

Hey, can we substitute 3 toursits for 1 Hobo?

Larry, you are wrong.

A hobo is what I dressed up as for Halloween in second grade.

A tramp is what Karen Johnson was in tenth grade.

A bum is a guy who signs a ten million dollar contract and then sits out the season with some lame injury.

Brilliant, Michelle. We have one of dem bums here in Cincinnati - only thing is is that his contract was for about $100M! yikes. some of us suckers thought they were getting a good deal, too. double yikes.

I thought hobos rode rails, too. Migratory workers are good. They work cheap, and tramps are year round exploitable labor. If a bum is making the effort, I'll help him/her out, but if they're not, off to the labs. Why experiment on cute little bunnies, when you have bums ;)

I heard it a little differently -- that a hobo will work and move on, a tramp will mooch and move on, and a bum will mooch and stick around. (Original attribution unknown.)

Michele, you got funny ideas about sexiness. If you ever decide that you find ME sexy, maybe I'm better off not finding out!!

(Besides, I could NEVER blend puppies as well as Glenn does...)

Green Baron

I think it's ride the rods. Rods being maybe brake lines or some such that run beneath boxcars. I like Michele's definitions much better than the ones I stole from a guy named Willie the Mole in New Orleans. No, maybe it was the Sterno Kid. Well, one of them anyway.