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we have entered another dimension

Have we reached a full blown fright-fest yet with the SARS virus?

The world is becoming a Twilight Zone episode. First the masks, then the quarantines and then the cancelling of school trips and baseball games.

Soon, we will fear the common cold the way we feared the Russians back in the 60's. Anyone who sneezes in your vicinity will be pointed at and run out of town. Spring allergies will be mistaken for deathly disease and your runny nose will make you a social pariah.

There will be standard procedure forms sent home from school and the principal will wear a mask and latex gloves at the SARS Assembly next week when he instructs the kiddies on the SARS Readiness Program. When someone says they don't feel good, sound the alarm. Run for cover. Head to the basement fallout shelter and for god's sake, don't let anyone with a temperature in!

Churches will be empty and movie theaters will close and Major League Baseball will force the Toronto Blue Jays to forfeit the rest of the season. Hideki Matsui will be banned from playing, even though he's from Japan and not China, someone will say close enough, it's one of them Asian countries, and he will be sent packing, on a separate plane for those banished from the rest of us, sent to some island for SARS refugees.

The world is ending, the sky is falling, pack up the kiddies and head to the bomb shelter and don't forget your Tylenol Cold and the tissues that feel soft to the touch. Forget school, forget the Boy Scout meetings and your best friend's wedding. You're not going anywhere that someone who knew someone who had a friend who visited a cousin in Chinatown who ate in the same restaurant as the niece of the latest SARS victim might be.

Rod Serling will eventually appear and in his best scary stage voice will inform everyone that this episode of panic and fear has been brought to you by the makers of duct tape and plastic sheeting and you should really get going on making your house airtight if you want to stay healthy.

Here, in the twilight zone.

UPDATE: Tongue. Cheek.


Heh heh heh, I read that whole post in the Rod Sterling voice. Scary.

Anyway, I'm freaked out from SARS. I wasn't until there was a case of it within 100 miles of my town. Where did this person get it? Yup, Toronto.

this country loves fear
thats why there were so many damn
friday the 13th sequels

Marshal, I caught "Rod Sterling subvocalization" from you!
I'm infected!

20,000 Americans die from the flu every year.

Twice as many die from car accidents.

None (to my knowledge) have died from SARS.

I'm frightened, too. I don't have to re-read my copy of "The Stand" again to become nervous. Why don't we invent quarantaine camps at our borders? I have read somewhere there is a quick-test available. Anyone coming from Asia should pass it before getting somewhere else.
At China at the moment I'd fear most to get a flue and to be brought into such a quarantaine-camp. If you don't have it when you come in, I'm sure you'll get it while you're there.

Within a couple of months it'll fade away and the media will move on to the next big story.

Still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

"...the principal will wear a mask and latex gloves '

Hey, I got a ton of links to sites like.....

Ummmm, nevermind.

Anyone remember Ebola? How we were all going to die horribly the second it got out of Africa? How we were all gonna bleed from our nipples and keel over and the earth would be inherited by cockroaches (yes, this statement was influenced by the War of the Coprophages)?

Media people: Stop. Crying. Wolf.

I'm already a social pariah. Hooray, I'm ahead of my time!

I forget, are eggs good or bad for us now? They keep changing...

Also, which foods DON'T give us cancer? Bah, screw it.

Well, if my maths are correct, then this thing is something like 5% lethal, with most of those being old or very young. That's bad, but it's not a repeat of 1918 by any means. Still, so long as southeastern China keeps poultry, pigs, & people in close quarters, we're going to have these outbreaks.

No Americans may have died from contracting the SARS virus but a few hundred have elsewhere in, you know, the world.

Wash your hands frequently, and thoroughly. Be aware of your surroundings. Eat healthily. Do sports. Just be careful, and you should be fine.