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this is the part where ted rall haunts me

That's it for tonight's non-war/politics/current events portion of this week. I'm going to go to bed and have another one of those dreams in which Mark Morford and Ted Rall are actually the same person.

Meanwhile, if you care to weigh in on the best Smashing Pumpkins song ever, read the comments here.

By the way, all MP3s disappear after 24 hours or so. Get 'em while they're hot. Bandwidth doesn't grow on trees, you know.


Just dropping in to share the love with you, Michele. I love your blog because of your honesty and most of all your passion. You aren't afraid to have a loud voice about the things you're compassionate about and that's admirable. I love your innovative mind, too, you're always coming up with new ideas like TroopTrax and The Command Post to keep the Web alive and I admire that, too. Thanks for being you!

Have you seen Morford's latest? It's Rick Santorum dispensing sex advice...and it's actually funny! Does this go under the "even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut" category?

Hey Michele, if you keep having many more of these dreams, you might want to go check out this place.