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daily link to dr. frank

Continuing with my week of posting links to Dr. Frank, here he talks about misheard lyrics (Blogspot permas fucked once again. I think I'll give Dr. Frank his own domain for his birthday).

So anyhow, he talks about a Rancid song where he thought the lyrics were I had a dream I had a midget inside me and I'm sure he's talking about I had a dream I was a vigilante's sidekick and no matter how I toss and turn that phrase in my head, it does not come anywhere near midgets.

So it's Friday and the kids have gone off to their dads. And let me tell you something. Most weekends I'm sad to see them go but after a week of spring break with them, I was joyously waving like a maniac after I dropped them off.

6:00, I've already had three margaritas while trying to drown out the remnants of oppositional behavior and 13 year old girl-type whining.

I'll probably make like 80 incoherent posts tonight and put up a few more MP3s even though I have no idea what you guys like or if you liked the songs I put up last night.


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I like Screaming Trees. And Mark Lanegan. And Corrosion of Conformity. And the Gorillaz. And Supersuckers. And, did I mention Screaming Trees?

"Iiiii nearly lost yooooou there!"

(I sing for your pleasure)


More margaritas and maybe the leather and pearl pictures we've all been waiting so patiently for?

happpppppy friiiiiiiiiday, chicka!

You have that "oppositional behavior" problem too? Wish my 13 yr old girl-type would go away for a while too-it is no wonder we are all crazy mommy chicks!!