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opinions and risks

Reid talks about The R-S-C Factor

Now we have the far more complex R-S-C Factor, which stands for Robbins-Sarandon-Chicks. Mr. Robbins (and others) claims he has lost acting jobs since he made his very public anti-war stance. Ms. Sarandon starred in a TV movie earlier this week that got the kind of dismal ratings Phil Donahue used to get on MSNBC just before he got canned. And the Dixie Chicks have shed tears and stripped naked for us in their attempt to scream, “We're Sorry, But...”

Some would have you believe that this is political oppression, via economic sanction. A stifling of dissent. Poppycock!!! As I've tried to illustrate, it isn't political, it is simple human nature. I took a stand, and one result was increased popularity. They took the opposite stand, and one result was decreased popularity. Meanwhile, poll after poll has shown the pro/anti war split to be, at best, 70/30.

You can do the math on how that all adds up re: popularity going up or down.

Read the whole thing, as they say.


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High marks for incorporating the word "poppycock" into a post.

As for Robbins, I went on a rant about him on Tuesday, fisking his ridiculous speech to the National Press Club. Tim probably won't read it, but it made me feel better.

WOW! I did as I was told and read the whole thing, and was mightily impressed. That is one incredible piece. I agree completely.

pop·py·cock :
[Mid-19th century. From Dutch dialect pappekak , from pap soft, pap + kak dung.]

great word... :-)

Poppy Cock: sounds like an STD you really don't want to catch. This might be limerick material.

dave, is there such a thing as an STD you DO want to catch?

no...hence the modifier. there are some you dont want to catch, and some you REALLY don't want to catch. like, you don't want the clap, but you REALLY don't want Herpes. Not to mention Poppy Cock. shudder

Don't you just love people that think freedom of speech means "I say whatever I want... and you have to take it."?

I saw Bush's response to the Dixie Chicks "Freedom is a two-way street", and I'm thinking "No, Bush you're missing the point it's... it's... oh fuck, you're right!"

If my opinion meant losing my job or money... especially over something I'd have no control over. I'd simply just shut up. There is a price when you open your mouth...

Boo fucking hoo, guys.

Freedom of speech means you can open your mouth and say your piece. But it does not guranatee that we all have to love it.

I remember a story about a friend who was arrested for a protest. A few months later, he was called to a jury pool and the case was activist who was arrested for protesting the same thing my friend believed in. My friend was asked to go home during the Q & A session. I asked my friend whether he would have found the activist guilty. He said, "sure, that is the price of protest. He broke the law such as I did and I knew that jail and a fine was part of the deal. Sometimes freedom is not cheap." Robbins and Saradon can take a lesson from my friend.