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Today is ANZAC Day.

So now, as we watch the Anzac day marches...the 1/11 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery (service in Port Moresby in the dark days of 1942).. the 1st Mountain Artillery (who parachuted with their guns in Nawzab in the New Guinea Campaign in WW II)...HMAS Canberra (lost at the battle of Savo Island)... HMAS Sydney (the "Vung Tau Ferry" of Vietnam, with one namesake that sunk the German Cruiser "Emden" in WW I, another that sank the Italian Cruiser "Bartolomeo Colleomi" in WW II, and whose latest incarnation is sailing for the Gulf now )... the Special Signals Unit (whose interception and codebreaking in WW II are still partly classified)...the 'Z' Special Unit (the "behind-the-lines" Special Forces that ran the Japanese ragged in Borneo and elsewhere)...as we watch the Long and the Short and the Tall, those still on active service, those now in their 90s and on wheelchairs, those in their 80s and still marching, the grandkids and great-grandkids who are marching for those present only in Spirit... We shall remember them.

More on ANZAC Day here and here.


Had the honor of participating in a local ANZAC Day ceremony yesterday. Very dignified and fitting tribute to all their war dead.

After the ceremony, it was a late morning, afternoon, and evening of free beer. Fine way to remember those who have given their lives in defense of freedom. :-)

My old Dad was an ANZAC private, at Gallipoli in 1915 and then in France. Which makes me humble as well as proud - he must have gone through sheer hell.

It has been good to see the Aussies in Iraq (and previously in Afghanistan) standing four-square with their old allies.