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the small victory jukebox

*you're too late, all mp3s self-destruct after 24 hours. but check the fresher entries, there may be some more music there*

1. Mr. T Experience - Our Love Will Last Forever and Ever.
Yes, this is the band of the one and only Dr. Frank of Blogs of War. Wry, wistful, witty and wonderful. I've been a fan of MTX for about five years now and I have finally found a venue in which to promote them to everyone I know. This particular song is the kind of love song I would write if I were the kind of person to write love songs. So if we're not vaporized in world war three/and if there's nothing good tonight on tv/and if you don't meet somebody with more money than me/ our love will last forever and ever.[listen here]

2. Clutch - Green Buckets
I've described Clutch as a cross between Frank Zappa and early Black Sabbath. The lyrics - and sometimes the sound - often make you wonder what planet these guys are living on. This song is another one of those odd love songs that I like so much. I would like to love you/I sure would treat you right/We could take the trash out/every Thursday night. [listen here]

3. Lagwagon - Mr. Coffee
A punk band I discovered through Fat Wreck Chord compilation records, Lagwagon can best be described as "not the greatest band alive." Even though their sound is generic and the singer's voice is annoying at best, I still find myself enjoying their music. This song is my theme song. Here I come to save the day/on legal speed (The American way)/Drinking coffee I drink coffee/Drinking coffee everyday [listen here]

I enjoy doing this. If you want, I'll put more up later. I have something from every genre, so make a request for the type of music you like. Also, if you do listen to the songs, let me know what you think.


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It looks like you posted links to Green buckets twice? I will come back and listen to the love song when you get it posted.

Mr. T. Experience? Dr. Frank is a CONSERVATIVE NOW? OMG! That is cool! Esp. since I live in SF as well!!!!! They actually played at a place I worked once. A dive actually. Michele, tell me is this true? If it is I have cool friends (music people) at free republic that will want to know this. BTW, I put something up there (at free) that you wrote the other day and people LOVED it.

I don't know if he's exactly conservative, but Dr. Frank is far from liberal.

Mr. T....hmmmmm, a little Buzzcocks and someone else I just cannot put my finger on. Hmmmmm...

Hotdamn. I wouldn't have thought you liked Clutch. Elephant Riders rocks!

So excited that someone else out there listens to Clutch! My old roommates went to school with Nick and John Paul. I've seen them play live more times than I've seen Duran Duran--and D2 had quite the head start! One of the best music conversations I've ever had was with JP during a party at our house eons ago!

Clutch rocks!!

I downloaded that democracy sexy tune/that is really new and fresh ...that guitar coming in should be sooooo loud as it is... thats a really cool piece of work .
i live in canada, i am

Put me down as another vote in favor of you doing more of these. The only band I even vaguely knew was Lagwagon (from the same Fat Wreck compilation discs, I betcha); hadn't been inspired to check out their own discs, but it sounds like I will now.