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big pimpin'

I told Laurence I would pimp his Michael Moore/Cancer poll, mainly because I love Laurence in the way one loves a crazy sibling that you don't tell anyone about because you keep them tied to the bed and chock full of Valium.

People often write me and ask me to pimp them. That would make them whores, but in the blogging business, we are all big whores.

So here's your chance. Welcome to Pimp Corner.

Did you write something interesting today? Make a funny? Post a Fark-worthy picture of your pet? Start a flame-war? Leave the link in the comments.

It's a pimp-o-rama, baby and you're all my street corner bloggers.

Just remember this when I want to be the whore and need a good pimp.

Y'all come back in a while because I'm going to serve up a platter of MP3s after I eat dinner. An ecletic mix, including some of Dr. Frank's MTX stuff.


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Thanks, and I think I will post my own pimping offer, too.

Maybe we can create an official Thursday-is-Pimpday campaign?


Fat people dying from cancer...funny.

Well, I dunno about Michael Moore, but I'd wager Rush Limbaugh's had brain cancer for years. There's gotta be some reason why he's been talking out of his ass for so long - http://www.fair.org/press-releases/limbaugh-debates-reality.html

I think that Michael Moore: (F*ck Him) is the #1 Cause of all of America's problems.

I think I started a war, though I wasnt trying to. But I am not gonna say anything, cause I have promised to be good.. errr, better.

I am all about the whoring: Click here!

I would be in Linkwhore Heaven if you mentioned me in your blog, Michele. However, I'm quite sure I've not said anything remotely linkworthy.

But what the fuck, right? Click me, hard.

See...I'd like to say I had something link-worthy today...but really, it was just another day of me whineing about my bullshit life. But I did pick up a handy piece of advice from that wise sage Madonna today. So, I guess it wasn't a TOTAL loss, right? Sorry, i'm not telling you what. You have to click here to find out.

Opps, i guess I was suppose to do some pimping in here, my bad...

Help me buy a diamond ring. Please?

I'm not the least bit interesting, but I did just redesign my site today. That ought to be worth some whoring.

I would never ask Michele to link to something I wrote. Nope, nor would I offer to slap her ass in exchange.


My Mother didn't raise me to be whore... but she never had a blog to drive traffic to.

In honor of Michele's little whorefest here I will get around to writing a post about my favorite cartoon - it is not quite Adult Swim material but it is very cool. Click my name and find out what it is.

You know that I'm always willing to pimp you out, darlin'.

I'm not needing pimping right now... can I keep this offer as a raincheck?

So, what cut of my profits will you be taking? Oh wait, I'm not making anything. Guess I will just have to pay you in trade... or services.

Those of you who like limericks are welcome to check out mine. They are pretty-much clean. I just added one about that scary bastard in Pyongyang. There's also several Iraq limericks and a link to my news satire site.
Okay, now I'm going to add male prostitute to my resume. It'll probably impress HR a lot more than my masters in History. "So, I see you can work with people."

Ok, guess it's time to be a true blog whore! I've got a couple of rants up and the usual boring my weekend crap.... http://www.bethmauldin.com

Political satire, and SARS jokes. SARS is funny, right?

All Too Factual

I'd pimp away, but my damn site is full of gun geeks arguing about the different brands of .22 ammo.

Pathetic, really.

Don't go there.

Be the second person to come to my blog and read about such exciting things as GM foods and Flash Gordon!

Don't make me beg...