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it's coming!!!

Free Comic Book Day, that is. May 3, the day after X2.

I'm gonna pick up this one.

Free Slave Labor comics (with both Dorkin and Vasquez!) and X2. Now that's what I call a good weekend.


sweet! courtney crumrin and the night things looks good too. and i like dork tower.

May is making me all warm and fuzzy already... free comix, X2, Matrix...

Milk and Cheese are the best. "Gin makes a man MEAN!"

I plan on getting Frank Miller's Robocop/SG-1 and the Batman Adventures

Get the Donald Duck Adventures one, too. It reprints a giveaway comic ("Maharajah Donald") from the 40's, which I don't think has ever been reprinted before. Carl Barks rules.

X2 starts April 30 in Singapore...

very cool. thank you. :)

Apparently Tennessee's not important enough for anyone to come here to give away comic books....oh well, everyone enjoy theirs...