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puce revealed!

Follow the link-trail, from here to here to here.

The Puce story comes to its inevitable conclusion.

Book deals and a guest spot on the Regis show await.

As Jim said, he is Sir Pranks-A-Lot, and I'm Queen Lie-tifah.


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The Axis of Babble!

I had just come to the conclusion that Puce and Jackhole were the same person. Darn it, no deerstalker cap and curvy pipe for me.

Heh. It did have the Schoolboy Prank smell to it, didn't it.

Oliver Stone ain't got nothin' on Michele.

How could anyone consistently type that poorly? lol

That would KILL me.

Does that mean he's going to accept Egbert's proposal now?

fuckang NO

I have been giggling about this for a good thirty minutes now. God, I love the Internet.

And this surprised...who? :D

We sorta followed the trail of puce colored drool...prolly everyone who reads Treacher figured it out about the same time....you had to know he couldn't keep it up....the syntax would make anyone REALLY insane.

Great piece of work. Bravo!

I had just come to the conclusion that Puce and Jackhole were the same person.

So had I. As it turns out I didn't even have the gender right. So it goes.

What? Jackhole is a female?

Nah, I'm just goofing. I just wanted to see if that would get anyone's attention.


"Drive bigest car, fart seat, waddle in Burgerking, wondar why all world hate land as th free?

Funnie find, all my dudes! Oh, man tell many chortel, how be so genius? IDIOT"

I chortelled almost to death when I read what Puce writes!

Does this mean no more "lardy demins"? Who will stopusa?

Mein Gott. Some sort of turbocharged kudos to Treacher who, let's face it, exists in a Blog Nirvana where the silly bastard can't write something unfunny. Green is the colour of my envy. Jim, you took Dadaism, and made it funny, rather than a wank fantasy for spotty undergraduates thinking they were the only ones that got the joke.

I thought Jim Treacher was under your control? Heh.

Ah, that expains why you never saw Treacher and Puce together in the same room at the same time 8^)

Lies! All Lies! Puce Exists! I'll Always Love You, Pucie!