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a proud graduate of American College of Sexologists

Meryl found me out.

My name is Monique and I have a tube of orgasmic sensation that will lift you through the clouds to a state of ecstasy.

Just like you imagined, eh?


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Really... you're soaking in it...

so are you gonna share the ecstasy tube? (no, not your husband, the orgasmic sensation stuff, unless that's one and the same)
C'mon, don't be stingy...

Past tense? I'm still imagining, give me a moment here.

tube of orgasmic sensation. would that be in the toothpaste aisle?

"It's a floorwax!"

"It's a desert topping!"

"It's a FLOORWAX!"

Relax, folks. Climatique is a floorwax, desert topping, and a feminine sexual enhancer. Vanilla ice cream just got a lot more sensual!

where do you get this stuff and how much is it???!!