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bang your head! (and a note from the lileks domain emergency system)

Dude, I am so going to see Ken Layne when he goes on tour. He's like, the dark knight of blogging metal or something. I heard that when you, like, play his records backwards it says stuff like James Lileks is the anti-christ! And this guy that I shared a bong with at the Priest concert last night said that, like, Layne eats the heads off of kittens during his encores. Way cool.

Metal up your ass! Ken Layne ROCKS!

[Ed. note: Stop emailing me, you freaks. I am not responsible for you not being able to see Lileks.com. Nor is Ken Layne's freaky heavy metal magic. James was having some expired domain issues which have been resolved, at least for me. Too bad on you if it hasn't caught up to you yet. Today's Bleat is the one you had to read to get an invitation to James' summer barbecue. Too bad you missed it, eh?]

What do you mean, you don't believe me about the barebecue? Would a woman who carries a tube of orgasmic ecstacy around lie to you?


ahem, you're out of your realm.

I was imitating your fiance, dear. And you.

Whoah.what's going on,Lileks is like...not there ,man....wut voodoo did you do?

Lisa, dont i have a cassette tape by that name

Where are you buying these tubes, how can I get some, and do they have overnight delivery?

Read Meryl's post.

Maybe we can get a group blogging discount.

They're for ladies only. You guys get your own from your viagra spam!

Or I can forward you some of the viagra spam I keep getting.

Last time I heard "ladies only" with this vigor was in My Favorite Year, during the scene in which Peter O'Toole sweeps into the wrong restroom to, I suppose, see a woman about a dog.

Selma Diamond is the first to scold him: "This is for ladies only!"

Says O'Toole: "And so is this, madame, but I have to run a little water through it now and then."

And she smiles.