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answering today's mail

About those websites dedicated to hating Hollywood liberals, such as and Famous Idiot - if you see A Small Victory listed as one of their supporters, take it with a grain of salt. They did not ask me to be a supporter, nor did I tell them to put me on the supporters list. In fact, I have emailed the owners of the sites in question to tell them to please take me off their links list, to no avail. Yes, people can link to whomever they want. I just don't want te be listed as a supporter or contributor or death threat letter composer.

I assume they assumed that just because I make fun of outspoken celebrities that I am all about making a career out of doing so. I'm not part of any boycott, I do not support sending death threats to celebrities and I really don't care whether you purchase items that put money in the pockets of the dissenters. I have and I still do.


There is an ugly trend to make everyone who disagrees with us our enemy. Intolerance is a much greater threat to our freedom than a bunch of Hollywood nitwits spouting off. Having an opinion contrary to the President is not unpatriotic.

In the past year, I was pushed far towards the Right by the intolerance and hatred of the anti-war movement. Since the war, I've been pushed back towards the Left by the vitrol and nastiness of the Right. Now, I'm sitting in the middle getting shot at by both sides.

Can't we all agree to disagree and remain civil?

"Having an opinion contrary to the President is not unpatriotic."

No. Using your celebrity status to mass-communicate that opinion, and then pitching a fit when people react negatively isn't unpatriotic either. But is IS pathetic.

You have the right to your opinion and the right to share it. But those who hear you have the right to disagree, and to voice their disagreement, and to stop buying your products or seeing your movies if they so choose. The Hollywood left seems absolutely aghast that there's been a backlash in response to them spouting off. How DARE all us little people living out here in the real world disapprove of what they have to say?

As a citizen, I have the right to say I think someone is un-patriotic and should shut up. I also have a right to boycott their products and encourage other to doe so too. 1st Amendment covers that. When the government does it whoever....

The idea (indeed, the practice) of boycotts bothers me not at all. But then I don't really go in for boycotting things/people myself most of the time.

What I do find find amusing (or pathetic, depending on my mood) are those who screech at ear-bleeding levels about people boycotting/"not hearing"/suppressing THEM, but don't see anything wrong with doing it themselves. Whether the actual boycott on either side is right or wrong, consistency of practice would be a breath of fresh air.

Can't we all just be lobotomized so we won't have anymore opinions?

Yes Nurse Ratchet! May I have my medicine now?

Be honest, how many of you now are boycotting French products?

Right now I'm boycotting French and Canadian products. I was actually going to give the Canadians a pass because I know many of them are American loving, but their government's last statement where they said they would refuse to extradite Saddam was the straw that broke the camel's back. They can go to hell now. Eh? :-D

I'm not boycotting French or German or Canadian products, because that's likely to hurt the American resellers of those products as much if not more than the French. Remember, that's an American shopkeeper selling you that French wine, and he's already paid for it.

Not to worry, though. I am confident that France will be made to pay a political and possibly economic price for this whole ordeal by folks in higher places than I.

But, you're so popular! Hey, from the looks of things, you're only holding the Hollywood idiots accountable....

Anyhow, um.....when are you sending me those nudie pics?

Vitrol and Nastiness? Why you !%^& I'll kick your @&^( you stupid #^(()!!!!!

Just kidding.

You can go read peaceandflowers.com and I gurantee you, the hatred comes from both sides.

People use the interenet as a shield. 99.99% of the vitrol you hear wouldn't be brought up in a room where everyone is talking in public.

Both sides have their morons. Don't let the actions of others push you to either side. That's wrong. You need to follow what you believe in and use other's actions and words to determine the truth.

Oops, I missed my last sentence.

Be yourself, do what you believe in, and the side will choose you!

personally, i believe in the boycotting of hollywood. it is about time to deflate the overinflated. bloating is harmful to one's health.

re: other countries, it is ridiculous. our backlash will ultimately have the boomerang affect. plus, it hurts blue-collared, mid-income people like us, and what does that accomplish? as for hollywood, it is hurting the bulbous pockets of the wealthy.

time to get that entertainment needle outta my arm. but it feels sooooo good. ugh